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Public Mint Community Updates #2

Community updates #2

Before we jump into our regular programming, we’d like to start this edition of our community updates by addressing the elephant in the room: this week’s massive market correction and the inevitable doom and gloom that ensued.

While the past week hasn’t been the greatest across the crypto space in terms of market valuations, that’s not the only metric around (and certainly not the most consistent one) when it comes to measuring progress.

On the flip side of the sea of red charts, there are also reasons to be optimistic about the stuff we in the industry are all collectively building. As noted by President and founder of Bianco Research Jim BIanco on his Bloomberg column,

The cryptocurrency market means different things to different people. To many, it represents an object of naked speculation, which consumes almost all the media coverage about the space. […] But to others, the crypto space is more than speculative instruments. It is the construction of a new financial system. For them, Wednesday was a huge win that might go down as one of the best days in crypto history. Under extreme stress, the system worked as designed. Yes, problems were uncovered, such as high fees to trade at the most volatile moments. But this is a known problem because the crypto platforms are running at 100% capacity. Solutions to add more capacity and efficiency have been in the works for months and should be operational by year-end.

But you don’t need to take Bianco’s word for it. Just look around and you’ll see that legit companies are up and running, builders are still building, and that despite the setback and all the FUD, supporters understand that market cycles are part of the game. And here we stand, open and with eyes set ahead for the long haul.

That said, we move on to our highlights.

Highlights of the fortnight (and previous week)

  • Video AMA with our co-founder and CTO Jorge Pereira: As we launched our very first video AMA campaign last Friday, we’ve ended up skipping a week of our regular 2-week updates — sorry about that. We have received quite a fair bit of good, direct questions, which we’re working to get answered — in video — next week. The contest is now closed, and winners will be announced on Monday.
  • Liquidity Rewards Program extension + Uniswap v3 upgrade: the planned upgrade to Uniswap’s liquidity mechanism took place without a hitch, and our Liquidity Rewards Program has been extended. At the moment of the announcement, the program had been extended for another month. However, we have since decided to extend the liquidity rewards continuously until the launch of the EARN program. This update will be announced officially and with more detail next week.
  • New partnerships to increase interoperability: our commitment to interoperability and greater utility continues to be cemented by way of partnerships. On the one hand, we’ve partnered with Knit Finance to bring FDIC-insured, native USD from Public Mint to other networks. On the other, we’ll be working with Kira Network to bring cross-chain liquid staking to our ecosystem.

What’s next?

As we move into the last week of May, here’s what’s in store for Public Mint:


  • USDC integration (ongoing): We’re finishing with testing the integration with Circle, and should have the API open for Public Mint partners to make USDC deposits/withdrawals into and out of their accounts in the next week. We’re now working on including this funding option also in the Public Mint wallet — more on this to come in future updates.
  • Blockchain bridge (ongoing): work on the bridge between the Ethereum and Public Mint networks for the MINT token is advancing. Once finished, the bridge will also have the potential to be used to bring other ERC-20 tokens into Public Mint.


  • CeFi integrations (ongoing): We’re excited to be in the last stages in signing and announcing the first major CeFi partner for the EARN Program. We can’t wait to give you more details — stay tuned!


  • Video AMA with our co-founder and CTO Jorge Pereira will be recorded early next week, on Monday and Tuesday. We expect the first video to be released later in the week. As we fine tune the format and receive comments/criticism from you, we hope to give more regular feedback, and even more in-line with your (realistic) expectations.
  • Ambassador program planning: we’ve started assessing the feasibility of an ambassador program, as well as how it would work and what it would entail. As this one hits close to home, please contact us on our Telegram channel if you’d like to suggest ideas or offer your help.

We’ll keep you posted with more regular updates as we BUIDL our way into the year, with focus on delivering on the roadmap — and then some. No matter the market color, rest assured we’ll be building and delivering.

PS: We’d also like to extend our full support to you devs out there who may be looking to create DApps on a friendly, fast and inexpensive fiat-based blockchain. Get in touch via our Developers’ Telegram channel! We would love to help you put your PoC or MVP out there!

Until next time!



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