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Public Mint Completes $2.5m Strategic Investment Round

We are pleased to announce the completion of our strategic investment round, with $2.5m raised from several leading blockchain funds. Our backers in this round are all visionaries of the space, with investment portfolios that demonstrate a long term commitment to projects that form the backbone of the DeFi market and overall blockchain infrastructure as we know them today.

Closing this strategic investment round means that our focus is now on the MINT public sale and launch of the MINT token. We’ll be announcing more news on our public sale date and public sale structure in the coming days, via our social channels.

Black Edge Capital

Founded in 2017, Black Edge Capital is one of the leading investment funds in the space, specialising in blockchain infrastructure projects and DeFi darlings. Their investment portfolio includes; Synthetix, Reserve Rights, Tomochain, Injective Protocol, Stafi, Kira and Frontier, from a total of over 50 investments.

Spark Digital Capital

Spark Digital Capital is one of the more innovative VC’s with strong connections to the Chinese market. Spark’s investment portfolio includes; The Graph, Elrond, Stafi, Frontier and 1inch, to name just a few.

AU21 Capital

AU21 Capital is quickly becoming the leading fund of the Polkadot ecosystem, having recently incubated Reef. Their portfolio features investments across both ecosystems and exchanges, including; Polkadot, The Graph, Tidal, Injective Protocol, Binance, Huobi and OKEx.


Founded in 2019, Woodstock has made a name in the space via investments in several leading blockchain infrastructure projects. The Woodstock investment portfolio includes; Elrond, Band Protocol, Covalent, Stafi and Frontier, among several others.

Genesis Block Ventures

Genesis Block Ventures most recent acquisition, OMG, demonstrates their commitment to supporting blockchain infrastructure and the overall crypto ecosystem. Their investment portfolio also includes; Serum, Alpha Finance, MahaDAO and Linear Finance.

Kenetic Capital

Founded in 2016, Kenetic Capital is one of the oldest and most prestigious blockchain investment funds, boosting an investment portfolio of over 50 projects, including; Parity Technologies, 0x, Kyber, Polkadot, Nexus Mutual and Terra.

Solidity Ventures

Solidity Ventures is one of the most dynamic up and coming VC’s, strictly focusing on incubating and investing into teams and projects that provide value to the Ethereum ecosystem. The Solidity Ventures investment portfolio includes; API3, SuperFarm, Union Finance, HOPR, and Oiler Network, among others.

About Public Mint

Public Mint bridges the worlds of traditional fiat with the innovative world of crypto, offering a complete platform for synthetic fiat, which is fully collateralized, regulated and FDIC insured.

Public Mint offers a fiat-native blockchain, APIs and web components, open and ready for anyone to build fiat-native applications and accept credit cards, ACH, wire transfers and more. No bank accounts needed.

Our upcoming MINT Global Earn program brings direct fiat liquidity to CeFi and DeFi, exposing these opportunities to the world at large via earnings-bearing synthetic fiat currencies.

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