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Public Mint EARN and the MINT token

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Interest rates are at a historical low and traditional finance struggling to offer competitive earnings. Nowadays, both individuals and businesses are turning to the blockchain/crypto industry for better returns and higher passive income rates.

The blockchain/crypto space has evolved and matured a lot in the past years, from a niche outfit to a global, fast-paced industry evolving at breakneck speed — particularly in the financial innovation sphere.

This evolution is increasingly more obvious as heavyweights such as Tesla and Microstrategy have begun to seriously invest in cryptocurrencies, and payments giants such as PayPal and Visa have expanded their payment networks to accept various cryptocurrencies as a method of payment.

The blockchain leap

Much like the Internet transformed the publishing industry and Uber disrupted the transportation sector, so is blockchain technology shaking up traditional finance for the better.

Blockchain is adding much needed security, transparency, and accountability to our financial system. And perhaps the most obvious consequence of this — and the most revolutionary one — is that it democratizes access to higher earnings.

Thanks to an exponential leap in efficiency and automation, blockchain removes expensive intermediaries and barriers to entry. This ensures greater access to millions of people, and that everyone — and no longer just the very rich — can get a slice of the pie.

However, despite the many advances, navigating the complexities of the blockchain economy still carries a steep learning curve, as well as many hoops before one can reap the rewards.

New sectors like DeFi (decentralized finance) and CeFi (centralized finance) boast double- and sometimes even triple-digit returns, while carrying new kinds of risk — leaving investors understandably wary.

That’s where Public Mint EARN comes in.

What is the Public Mint EARN program?

Public Mint EARN is an application running on top of the fiat-native Public Mint blockchain network, providing a simple and friendly interface to access earnings rates available on the DeFi/CeFi market for your fiat (or stablecoin) deposits.

In a nutshell, EARN works like a user-friendly investment fund that delivers the high yield levels seen in the crypto space to fiat, while retaining the ability to move funds instantly like a checking account.

Sneak peek into the Public Mint app and how to start with EARN
Sneak peek into the Public Mint app and how to start with EARN

Under the hood, EARN maximizes yield by allocating the funds to a network of CeFi* partners and DeFi** protocols, forming a diversified portfolio with a more decentralized and resilient nature. This is similar to the model of an investment fund, but much more liquid, accessible, easier to operate and with a decentralized governance model.

MINT token holders stake their tokens to vote on portfolio allocation and other governance matters. These are typically individuals familiar with crypto and a financial incentive to vote on what they consider the best possible options. Like fund managers, they get a portion of the earnings for the decisions they make via voting.

Regular users of Public Mint can allocate their on-chain USD to the EARN program, receiving in return an equivalent balance of earnings-bearing USD+ (which increases proportionally to the earnings obtained by the portfolio, in a method called “rebasing”), which can be redeemed for USD at any time.

*: CeFi partners are centralized businesses that offer earnings by offering loans and credit in the crypto space, such as Celsius, Nexo and

**: DeFi are entirely decentralized versions of CeFi, relying mostly on smart contracts with little to no human management — such as Compound, Curve and Aave.


Diversification creates more resilience, reduces systemic risk, and increases the overall security of your deposits. That’s the principle behind every sensible investment strategy, and one which sits at the heart of EARN.

The same multi-pronged approach is taken for insurance. Spreading risk across multiple insurance partners greatly increases the resilience of the system and safety of the funds.

Earnings solutions

CeFi partners and DeFi products generate varying levels of yield at varying levels of risk, complexity and time intervals. The EARN program offers vetted and greatly simplified access to the benefits of these sometimes hard-to-navigate innovations.


Initially, 10% of funds will be allocated to an insurance fund that exists to handle the remote eventuality that one of the partners or providers may become insolvent.

How it works

The first step is to deposit USD into the Public Mint network.

Currently, this can be done via wire, ACH (for US customers) and also via stablecoins — starting with Circle’s USDC — and credit/debit cards.

These deposits are converted into the same fungible USD, which can then be used to take part in the EARN program — and any other applications that may run on Public Mint.


Initially, the EARN program will be based on US Dollars (USD), which is the native currency of the Public Mint network — but as other currencies are added, it’s likely that they’ll also be plugged into the EARN program.

In addition to USD, there are two other tokens that sit at the core of the EARN system:

  • USD+: an earnings-bearing token that is issued to a user whenever they stake USD or USDC liquidity into the system. As long as you keep your liquidity locked, your USD+ balance will grow daily proportionally to the current APY
  • MINT: utility and governance tokens which give holders extra rewards for participating in the system’s governance and a share of the program’s fees

Token summary

Different tokens underlying the Public Mint EARN ecosystem
Key tokens of the EARN ecosystem

Getting started

You can easily get started with EARN via Public Mint’s user-friendly mobile application. Using the platform requires no previous knowledge of blockchain or cryptocurrencies.

There are two ways to earn with Public Mint EARN: depositing/withdrawing USD liquidity and staking MINT tokens to take part in the program’s governance (currently in development).

Depositing USD into EARN

Screenshots of the Public Mint Wallet app and the EARN section

Allocating USD from the Public Mint network into EARN gives you an equivalent amount of USD+. As an earnings-bearing token, your USD+ holdings will grow proportionally to the earnings obtained from integrated CeFi/DeFi products, paid directly to your wallet.

Another benefit of USD+ is flexibility. USD+ is a liquid asset, meaning it can be transferred or used as a means of exchange without cashing out — as long as the other party is willing to accept it.

It does, however, carry a slightly higher transaction fee than a regular USD transfer — $0.10 or 0.01%, whichever is higher.

Withdrawing USD from EARN

Withdrawing essentially converts USD+ into USD on the Public Mint platform and in most cases it happens immediately, as it takes advantage of the unallocated portion of funds in the EARN program.

If this liquidity is not enough to cover your withdrawal immediately, you’ll be able to withdraw your remaining USD after the next settlement event.

Withdrawing carries a small fee of $1.

Governance: staking MINT tokens and voting

[Please note that the governance part of the program is still under development and should be deployed in 2022 as per our roadmap]

MINT token holders can take part in the governance of the protocol, voting in funds allocation and other system parameters.

By staking MINT and participating with their vote, MINT token holders are eligible for extra rewards and part of the program’s fees accrued by the system during voting rounds.

EARN Program revenue streams for active MINT holders

  • Earnings fee: whenever earnings are paid out to USD+ holders (in additional USD+). 85% of the earnings fees gets distributed weekly to USD+ holders, while the remaining 15% is split between Public Mint and the MINT stakers that are participating in that weekly voting round.
  • Withdrawal fee: every time a participant withdraws/deallocates USD+ back to USD, a fee of $1.00 or 0.25% — whichever is lower — applies (in USD), of which a portion (up to 90%) goes to MINT stakers that are participating in that weekly voting round.
  • Transfer fee: every time a participant transfers USD+, a fee of $0.10 or 0.001% (in USD) — whichever is higher — applies, of which a portion (up to 90%) goes to MINT stakers that are participating in that weekly voting round.

Governance and rewards

Although initially Public Mint will handle governance issues and the allocation of funds, the roadmap for the EARN program gradually leads to a decentralized governance model.

Much like fund managers, MINT token holders are expected to make the best decisions to maximize — and to be eligible for — their rewards.

In time, MINT token holders will have full control over decisions through a carefully incentivized voting system which keeps the interests of every participant aligned.

When will Public Mint EARN launch?

Public Mint EARN beta has been released and is available for download in January, 2022.

About Public Mint

Public Mint is an open and complete blockchain platform for fiat money, where funds are fully collateralized and held on deposit with regulated, FDIC-insured institutions. Public Mint offers an open, fiat-native blockchain and APIs, ready for anyone to build fiat-based applications and accept credit cards, ACH, wire transfers, stablecoins and more. On top of that, the Public Mint EARN platform offers users automated and diversified returns on USD assets, leveraging the power of blockchain and DeFi.

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About EARN

The EARN program is a community-governed earnings aggregation application built on top of Public Mint’s fiat-native blockchain. The program aims to make it easy and safe for the broader public to tap into the high returns available on the crypto space.



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