Learn to Break New Digital Ground in the Book Publishing Space

I’m really excited about my upcoming Digital Trends in the Book Industry course at NYU (beginning June 9), which I’ve had the opportunity to teach for over three years now. Since this class is about digital trends, it’s always changing — and I think that’s the best part about it.

I have two foundational elements that help me shape the course:

1) I want people to learn by doing — whether that’s using the various social media channels, launching a website, developing a creative marketing plan, or building an epub file. In the digital space, the only way to move beyond copycat strategies and same old same old rollouts is to get your hands dirty and learn how things work at the ground floor level. The more you understand and learn by doing, the better, more innovative your ideas will be.

2) And speaking of innovative ideas, the publishing industry needs new ones. What industry doesn’t, of course, but book publishing in particular needs fresh perspectives and new voices to rise up and make an impact with digital-focused projects. And that is happening — we just need more of it. My goal is to help that along by getting you thinking along these lines and introducing you to inspiring projects and people breaking new ground in the digital space.

I’ve got the full syllabus posted at my site, but here are some of the subjects we’ll be digging into and discussing:

— How Amazon sets the agenda — across the board — in the industry.

— The challenge complex and innovative digital products face in the marketplace (expensive to create, usually dismal sales).

— Audience development lessons learned from successful self-published authors.

— An analysis of creative digital platforms (both authors and publishers).

— Case study analysis of engaging marketing campaigns (looking beyond book publishers).

— What publishers and authors can learn from the emerging podcast networks

— And much more.

The course is a good option for anyone interested in understanding how to engage, amplify and impact digital trends in the publishing space — self-publishers, writers, people trying to break into the industry, publishing professionals who are looking to bring more digital efforts into their long-standing industry roles. The better the mix of students, the more interesting and engaging the course.

There are a few more slots available. The Spring semester course begins on Thursday, June 9. Full details here.

Feel free connect with me if you have any questions: jeffreyyamaguchi52 AT gmail dot com | @jeffyamaguchi on Twitter.

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