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Review of Rythm 0 Performance

Marina Abramovic is a performance artist born in Yugoslav (1946). She used her body as an art tool in her works and revealed many performance arts. In this manner, these performance arts can seem like events because they also contain the influence of the audience. Abramovic’s Rythm 0, one of the performances of the Rythm series, has also been a performance that reveals this same situation.

If you do not know about the performance, you can watch the youtube video which you can find in the resources and continue reading this page.

(Marina Abramovic Institute, 2021)

When we consider the performance’s aim, we recognize that Abramovic wanted to know how far can society go if she does not do anything. What she was curious about might be how reliable the nature of human beings was, and she could understand people better with their reaction to such a performance. To understand people, it is actually understood that we can interpret by looking at the emergence of events rather than looking at the events experienced in performance superficially. For the answer to the question of why events have come to this point, we can see how these events started and progressed.

The first bad strides began when one in the audience tried to slap it. Probably the first person to try it was hesitant at first because the actions before him were always polite. What prompted him to try this action must be his curiosity in my opinion: Will the actor reciprocate or continue to stand still. But later it was obviously easier to explain during the incident. Once the visitors began to adapt to each other’s behavior, it would not be independently held accountable. This shows us how much each member of a group can be affected by the group’s behaviors.

Furthermore, they demonstrated the extreme behaviors that they would not possibly be able to do if they were there alone, with the invisibility of being in a group. This invisibility issue is very important because if people could be visible individually, probably they would not behave as they did. What drove them to the most extreme behavior was the behavior of the community they were a part of, and the fact that they thought they were not responsible for this alone, the group was. Moreover, they also have been remembered as a group: visitors or something else. Now, nobody probably can remember the individual names.

(Uğurlu, 2019).

It should also be noted that the presentation of the female body as an object also affected the events. This situation itself is a dangerous, destructive and separate situation that needs to be examined. The fact that the men among the audience watching the performance see the female body as an object is also must be effective in this result. It is worth remembering that a woman hugs the artist after what happened. It may be possible that the fact that the female body standing on the stage is untenable has affected the woman from my point of view.

Finally, when it is considered in a basic, the reality that actually occurs in this performance has developed from the curiosity of both the artist and the audience involved. It was a curiosity of real-life human behavior, and it is not surprising that it is an experiment examined in the field of social psychology. Later, Abramovic also explains that putting a gun on the table is not because she wants to die, but because learning what people will do is worth the risk of that.


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