Video script to gain trust from your readers

What you should do when using video to crowdfund your book

A video on your book campaign page will get you more preorders. And publishers love to see these. Spend some time here, but not too much. 1–2 minutes is enough, and it only needs to be you in front of a camera or smartphone explaining your book and asking people to preorder.

“The maximum length for your pitch video should be 2 minutes. If you can’t say what you need to say in 2 minutes, then you are trying to say too much. The goal of this pitch video is to hook people. The faster you do it, the better.” — Excerpt From: James Haight. “Funded: The Exact Steps, Strategies, and Tools to Crowdfund Your Book.”

Quick tips:

  • Use the word “you” a lot; talk directly to the reader, not the entire audience of your book in third person.
  • Keep it casual and personal, and hit your talking points.

In your video, please answer the following questions:

* Please start the video by saying, with energy,: “Hi, I am (your name) and my new book is now up for preorder.”

  1. Why are you writing the book and why is this book important?
  2. What is your background or expertise on this topic?
  3. What are the 3 main things that you hope readers will take away from reading the book?

*Please end the video with the campaign dates: “The book goes up for preorder from August 1st — August 30th on Publishizer. Please preorder a copy!”

Four great examples:

  1. The Couchsurfing Story by Casey Fenton — watch video
  2. Live Big by Ajit Nawalkha — watch video
  3. Quitting By Design by Lynn Marie Morski — watch video
  4. Heart of Thorne by Maggie Way (fiction)— watch video

— -

Be passionate about what your book is on and just start explaining it. Explain why this book needs to be written, who it’s for, why it’s for them and why you’re the one to write it.

Adding some candid footage and soft background music is always a nice touch. Upload the file to YouTube and paste the embed code (autoplay) on your campaign page.

If you need a structure, I suggest: Intro, The Problem, What’s In It, Support me/Ask for preorder.

— -

Working script, i.e.:

Intro & Background:

Hey everyone! I’m Lee Constantine and I’m writing a book called The Book Sales Rollercoaster. I’ve spent years working hundreds of authors in almost every phase of their book publishing journeys, and I can tell you with certainty that there is no one right path for every author to take in publishing their books. But if there’s one thing that every author needs guidance on it’s how to sell more copies. This book is a practical guide for you the author on what it really takes to sell your book and get your unique idea in more hands.

The Problem:

96 PERCENT of book proposals get rejected from publishers and literary agents, and even less than that make into enough hands to have a significant impact on the world. Diverse books get overlooked, great writers get rejected, and data on what it takes to become a successful author is hidden or non-existent.

What’s in the book?

In The Book Sales Rollercoaster you will learn how to write a proposal that gets traditional and independent publishers expressing interest in your book idea. That’s the first step to getting into retail and distribution around the world. You’ll also learn what authors just like you have done to sell thousands of copies of their books and why creating a community gives you a huge advantage.

It’s time to start treating your publishing journey as a startup. And your product is your book.

Please help me:

Support this campaign by preordering a copy…or 10. There are some cool perks included if you do. The more preorders I obtain, the more publishers will express interest in this book idea. And please help get this book in more hands by sharing this page with a friend or fellow author.

Thank you!, and have a good day.

More examples:


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