How to record an engaging book campaign video

What you should do when using video to crowdfund your book

Lee Constantine
Jul 2, 2016 · 4 min read
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A video on your book campaign page will get you more preorders. And publishers love to see these because it shows off your personality and allows you to introduce yourself to them in a professional way.

Be concise — I would recommend recording yourself on your smartphone for 1–3 minutes, upload to YouTube and paste the embed code on your campaign page. Anything over 3 minutes, it’s likely your views will drop off sharply so make sure you get the most compelling and engaging stuff said right away.

Be personal — The purpose of the video is to connect with your readers and viewers on a personal level and bring them into this special campaign to support you in getting published and receive interesting bonuses.

Bring enthusiasm — Remember to be passionate about your book and bring the excitement! Your viewers will reciprocate your emotions. If you’re serious, slow, and have no energy, neither will your readers about pre-ordering copies.


  • Stand up, don’t sit, when you speak in the video
  • Have great audio and good lighting
  • Make the book about the reader, not about you
  • Use the word “you” a lot; make good eye contact with the camera
  • Keep it casual and personal, and don’t read from a script
  • Have a strong call to action: “Pre-order my book!”
  • Use your Synopsis — all this information should be in there

In your video, it’s good to answer the following questions:

Start the video by saying, with energy:

  • “Hi, I am (your name) and my new book is now up for preorder!” It would mean the world to me if you could pre-order a copy and support me in getting this book and this message published.
  1. Why are you writing the book? What is the problem?
  2. What makes your book important right now? What is the book’s solution? Use your Synopsis and 1–3 main takeaways from the book.
  3. What are the 1-3 bonuses you are featuring and that readers can get by pre-ordering copies?

End the video with the campaign a call to action:

  • “The book is up for preorder from XX dates on Publishizer and my bonuses are only available for 30 days. Please preorder a copy and share this campaign with a friend!”

Here’s the full-length of a 1–3 minute video script:

Intro: Hi, I am Lee Constantine, and my new book called The Book Sales Rocketship is now up for pre-order! If there’s one thing that every author needs guidance on, it’s how to sell more copies. This book is a practical guide on what it takes to successfully publish your book and make it a bestseller. I’ve worked more than 1,000 authors on book proposals and crowdfunding campaigns, and have negotiated and closed numerous five-figure book deals with major publishing imprints.

The Problem: 96% of all book proposals get rejected by publishers and literary agents. It only takes one reader for your book to have an impact, but most books don’t sell enough copies to make a significant difference in your business, speaking career, or life as an author.

The Solution: In The Book Sales Rocketship, you will learn what experience and first-time authors have done to pre-sell thousands of copies of their books and why being ultra-personal gives you a huge advantage. You’ll also experience why publishers acquire specific titles and how they bring them to market, which allows you to write a proposal that gets them excited and wanting to work with you.

Ask for a pre-order: Please support this campaign by pre-ordering a copy…or 50. There are some great bonuses included if you do, and this campaign is only active for the next 30 days.

Pre-order 10 copies and get a free book proposal and book sales coaching session with me for your book. Pre-order 100 copies and get an exclusive invite to a retreat getaway in Bali or alternative an online invitation to a book writing event with me and 10 other authors. These are only available during this pre-order campaign!

The more pre-order copies I sell during this campaign the more publishers I will have express interest in this book idea and make sure that by the time it lands in your hands it’s something that you’ll be happy you’ve read and supported.

Thank you.

A few non-fiction examples:

  1. Experience The Revolution by Derek Loudermilk video
  2. Live Big by Ajit Nawalkha video
  3. Quitting By Design by Lynn Marie Morski video

Some more video examples for you:

  • (fiction) Stu Krieger, That One Cigarette, video
  • (politics) Leena Olaimy, Fundamentalist, video
  • (wealth) Brad Sugars, The Wealth Coach, video
  • (spiritual) Melissa Stangl, Roots of Consciousness, video. She also gave video updates during her campaign, here
  • (cookbook) Shanti Allen, The Raw Alchemist, video
  • (travel) Clara Pang, The Sun Sets Anywhere, video


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