Why would someone buy 500 copies of your book?

Lee Constantine
Jul 24, 2017 · 3 min read

Ask, and you shall receive…

That One Cigarette by Stu Krieger (publishizer.com/that-one-cigarette)

What reason could one person have to buy so many copies of your book?

There could be any number of reasons, actually — and the possibilities are only limited by your own strategy and imagination.

Of all the creative ways I’ve seen a countless number of authors sell 500 copies at a time, most of those can be broken down into three categories:

  1. The reader sees buying 500 copies as a condition to get something of greater value.
  2. The reader wants to support your book launch in a big way.
  3. The reader has their own large audience who would find your book immensely valuable.

The first two are the most common, while the third is the most sought after but most difficult to find and close.

Selling 500 copies of your book is also one of the most common strategies for major authors to once their book us launched or released.

It’s a real thing, and if you haven’t heard of it you could be missing out a huge opportunity to get a lot more of your books in way more hands, and quickly.

When Neil Patel released his book, Hustle, he sold pre-orders to large corporate sponsors in order to move hundreds of book copies quickly and to get them in front of major influencers for promotions later on. This was all before the book officially hit the shelves.

He also emailed his entire list, which was above 200k active subscribers at that time. He offered a unique and exclusive bonus to them: pre-order 10 copies of his book and he would give them 1 hour of his time for free to coach them on SEO for their business. He pre-sold hundreds of books this way, and his publisher loved him.

Gary V released his fifth NYT bestseller, and to get there he offered an entire day hanging out with him. An entire day. The only catch is you had to buy 350 pre-order copies of his book. He had corporate teams buying these in a heartbeat.

This strategy isn’t reserved for only big name authors like these two. It works for every author, and it helps you get the attention of publishers with distribution. Because if you can show you can pre-sell 500 copies of your book then these publishers will gladly invest their time in your idea.

The first thing to understand is that you have an email list. Even if it’s not 200k strong. You already have a network of people. Colleagues, past clients, family, friends, friends of friends, and whoever else you’ve accumulated in your Gmail contacts and LinkedIn connections over the years.

That’s a good place to get started. For the rest, connect with lee@publishizer.com or an agent on Publishizer.com and let’s get your book out there.

“If I have any advice to other authors, it’s to be nice to everybody you meet because some day you might want to sell them a book!”

— Stu Krieger, screenwriter of the animated classic The Land Before Time for Steven Spielberg and 10 original shows for Disney, first time author who pre-sold 308 copies of his literary fiction book, That One Cigarette, in less than 10 days.




How to successfully crowdfund your book and get published.

Lee Constantine

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Tech entrepreneur and editor. Co-founder at Publishizer.com. Not a fan of pseudonyms.


How to successfully crowdfund your book and get published. www.publishizer.com

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