11 Effective High Value Gifts for Attracting More Leads

Basic Psychology Mechanisms Behind Lead Magnets

High Value Gifts are Lead Magnets which are of high value to your customers and help them get an impression of your professional services and how you solve their problem. Image source HERE.

You have started a blog or a social media fan page where you want to attract more followers.

How do you do that?

Whether it’s building your e-mail list or simply getting more likes, it all comes to one: VALUE.

You do not want to simply rob your audience by selling them products or services, you want to actually improve their lives or solve a specific problem they have. So how do we do that? Create trust.

I first heard the term High Value Gift (which is practically a lead magnet) from Lucy Johnson, founder of the Fully Booked Formula, helping fitness, health and wellness professionals grow their business. Nevertheless, the principles apply to any industry out there.

SO, a High Value Gift is basically a giveaway which is of high value to your customer, giving a taste of your services, thus allowing the customer to get an impression of how well you can help them.

Here’s how it works:

  1. (Subscription hook) Hey, wanna grab this High Value Gift? Give me your e-mail (or comment/like on FB) and I will send you more details!
  2. (Confirmation) Thank you! Now here’s how to get your freebie!
  3. (Follow-up) Hey, did you enjoy your free stuff? Now here’s more of what we have to offer!

In blogging we often use PDFs with helpful reports or e-books as a lead magnet, but the truth is there can be many other options. They all depend on the type of services you provide. If you are not confident in creating written content, you can always use some of the other options.

11 Effective Proposals for a High Value Gift

Here are 11 proposals of a High Value Gift (or a lead magnet) that you can start using right now, depending on your skills, personality or services:

  1. PDF — report, exercise programme, e-book or whatever else you find relevant!
  2. A CD/ audio download
  3. A video course
  4. A free webinar
  5. A free live workshop (at an actual place)
  6. A physical object (t-shirt, mug, notebook…) through a CONTEST
  7. Personalized quiz/ test results
  8. Coaching call/ taster session
  9. Discount coupon
  10. Free shipping
  11. Members Only Area (Facebook/ website)

Now, if I have to be honest, I ran out of ideas on number 8 of the above list, so I googled and copied some of the ideas found HERE. You can download a free report with 101 Lead Magnet Ideas, and — of course — you will have to give your e-mail in exchange. But it’s worth it! ;)

Good luck on building and growing your e-mail list! :)

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