11 of the Best Quotes from Jeff Goins’ Tribe Conference

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Tribe Conference will take a writer’s life from good to great.

It will change your life if you let it.

I’ve been in attendance for 3 years running, and I’ve already purchased my ticket for next year too. If you want to purchase a ticket you can do so at TribeConference.com.

Go early/stay late

If you have the chance, arrive early and stay late.

I arrived Thursday, before the conference was to begin on Friday and hit the ground hard and fast making connections. It’s the energy that started high and continued to excel throughout the conference.

Nicole Akers’ picture

More than 25 of us gathered at the Mellow Mushroom and began connecting immediately. Those connections will last us throughout the next year if we don’t see each other, but those making plans to build products and join masterminds already have a common ground to immediately go deeper.

Cherish connections.

They are the best networking potential.

Network like a boss

Nicole Akers’ pictures Paul Angone (Left)/Dave Delaney (Right)

Arrive prepared to meet new people. Meeting writers is great, but you don’t often get the chance to connect with speakers and influencers. Do your homework before you arrive and connect with them, if possible. If you’re already at ground zero, then don’t be afraid to connect anyway.

The best connection I didn’t expect was with Paul Angone. When he took the stage and started tossing his rejection letters offstage I later gathered them up like candy. I still have them, because writers have bad days, and I’ll tuck them away for inspiration.

Dave Delaney interacted with me from the stage briefly during his speech.

Don’t just network. Network like a boss.

I had lunch with Anthony Moore and David Kadavy, a couple of big names on Medium. The lunch was tasty, the connections were better.

Nicole Akers’ pictures- David Kadavy (Left)/Anthony Moore (Right)

Commune together

Eat. Not just healthy nourishment, but eat with writers and speakers. Develop healthy connections for later that you use to travel to new places together. Develop friends, build products, masterminds, business plans.

Everything happens at Tribe Conference, but what happens at Tribe doesn’t stay at Tribe.

Tribe is built for expanding our reach.

The best quotes from Tribe Conference:

  • “Self-awareness + self-compassion = the key to everything good” — Melissa Dinwiddie
  • “I can make something for one specific person and affect the many” — Amy Landino
  • “If your dream doesn’t scare you it’s not a dream” — Chris Marlow
  • “Yes, and…” — Dave Delaney
  • “What holds us back isn’t a lack of knowledge, it’s our thoughts” — Alli Worthington
  • “When you influence language you influence thinking” — Mike Kim
  • “You could be two left turns away from making all the difference” — Joseph Michael
  • “Everything is a content opportunity” — Janet Murray
  • “Who will I help if I give up now?” — Paul Angone
  • “My purpose is bigger than just what I do” — Ken Davis

And, from the big guy himself, Jeff Goins:

Courage is about 37 seconds of stupidity.

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