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15 Reasons Why Moms Make Fantastic Writers

Does this sound like you?

You sit down to write after a long day of chasing the kids, kissing their toes and cleaning tiny butts. A rock falls into your belly as you realize you didn’t write today. Yet. How are you ever going to get that article written, let alone a novel? You wonder if you have what it takes as you fall into your chair, eyes closing.

Hey Mama, you do have what it takes, for many reasons.

And here are just a few of them.

1. Know How to PUSH Through

Yeah, we're good at pushing. So when it comes time to sit down, type those words and push through the angry resistance that goes to battle with all writers, we can do it. We’ve been through worse.

What if you had a C-section? Surgery plus, taking care of a newborn while healing is no easy task, either.

2. Energizer Bunnies

We moms just keep going and going. With my first kid I had to nap when he slept, then came number two and my naps disappears. Yet, I was amazed by the way my mind and body just kept going, like I had found a new energy.

Mom energy.

3. Understand Discipline

I just had to help my kiddo understand that he was playing with his two-year-old sister and not one of his male friends. To be gentle. But it doesn’t always end so pleasant. Sometimes my son doesn’t listen. And there must be a punishment like his nose on the wall or taking a toy away. It breaks my heart every time but it helps him.

Just like discipline helps writers.

You need discipline in order to make yourself sit down and write when all you want to do is sleep, or watch a movie. It takes discipline to be consistent. And moms definitely have a head start in this.

4. Great Imaginations

Kids imaginations are brilliant. Playing with your little humans only increases your ability to pretend.

Pretending is writing.

You must pretend to be a character, make up a world, and race around with them. Playing pretend with your children inspires the muse.

5. Ability to Write With Emotion

There are times when just looking at my kids makes tears form. A mother’s love is that strong. Yes, we can be emotional.

And that is not a bad thing.

We can use those strong feelings we have to evoke powerful emotions in our novels and articles. Writing craves emotions and mothers deliver.

6. No Sleep? No Problem

Need to pull an all-nighter to get some writing done? That’s no problem for a mama. Newborns waking every few hours or a toddler sleeping in your bed with a foot in your face is great perfect preparation for late night writing sprees.

7. Gross? We can Handle It

Nose Frieda? Diapers? Potty training?

Need us to write about something nasty or write description down to the taste and smell that makes you scrunch up your nose, we can do that. Like my kid says, easy-peasy.

8. We Know Fear

Did you know a penny is terrifying?

How about a grape?

Or a ball in the middle of the road?

These thoughts keep me up at night. What if one of my kids choked on that penny or grape? What if they thought that ball was important enough to save from the car, sacrificing themselves?

9. Alone Time? Yes, Please.

While other writers may get lonely, or tired at the idea of sitting alone, writing at the computer, it is a moms dream. Alone time of any kind is amazing. The idea of doing something alone without a kid’s sweet, yet painful ‘Huggie hug’ (Yes, this just happened), is a vacation of sorts. The amount of work I could get done with an hour or two alone incredible.

So yes, bring on the alone time for writing. Please.

10. Stubborn

Kids are the cutest. Their rosy cheeks, and big eyes that water with tears as they beg you for a fifth cookie or to end the time-out early. It is heartbreaking.

But for their own good, a mother needs to NOT give in. To be stubborn. And it is not easy.

But our ability to be stubborn is an asset when it comes to writing. Stubbornness leads to consistency and consistency leads to success.

11. Give Birth to Books?

We gave birth to a real human. Bring it on.

12. Expert at Multitasking

Writing takes focus.

You need to give everything you have to the words you write and the people you write them for, but sometimes this means multitasking. Writer’s are still human and life tends to get in the way of words. Especially for mothers.

But who’s better at multitasking? Throughout the day I find myself cooking or baking, listening to a The Story Grid, and getting my daughter a drink of water all at the same time.

Yep, we can manage.

13. Routines are our Lives

My inner clock is set. I can’t sleep past 8am anymore I know when it’s nap or bedtime without looking. Kids need routines and mothers are here to give it to them.

And a writing routine is a great way to get your words down. While it may be hard to actually find the time to write, mothers have an advantage in making time in their routines.

14. We Know How to Say No

Opportunities to help others arise as you start to write and blog more. Sometimes, too many. You need to learn when to say no and focus on the jobs that fit your goals.

Moms know how to say no.

In fact, I work on trying not to say it too much to my kids.

15. Love

I watched the movie Gone Baby Gone before I had kids (not since, yikes). It’s about a child goes missing and I remember thinking about much I would love my future kids. And you know what?

I love them more.

My heart grew for my husband and for each child. A mothers love is powerful and for writing, useful.

We know how to love something more than ourselves. Our books will show that.

Writing with kids around seems impossible, but it can be done. You may not end up being famous like J.K. Rowling, Stephanie Meyer or Jodi Piccoult, but you have the tools to get there.

Mothers are fantastic writers. And I bet you are, too.

So keep writing your words every day, or at least keep trying. And keep loving your kids.

I can’t wait to read your words.

Plus, just think how proud your kids will be of you one day when they finally read your first book.

And I’m off to finish making soup. Good luck, Mamas.

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