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3 Reasons a Week Away Brought Excellent Life to my Spirit

How a Family Holiday Can Revive Us

Photo by Josh Campbell on Unsplash

Holidays with Family

We relish them and are sad when they are over. But the memories live on. We recently returned from our yearly vacation with our family at a rental cottage — 15 of us and 2 of our 5 dogs. We have seven grandchildren in this group.

Needless to say we were busy and there was no time to sit and do a focused piece of writing. I did manage to do some emails, my Facebook group and reading other Medium posts. But that was it.

I tried to paint a couple of pictures. Not sure if I am happy with them. It is said that artists are only happy with 1 out of 5 pictures so maybe the next one will be that one I really like.

Notice I am getting over “myself” and my perfection. I will show you everything in my art and my writing. I want to be real before you.

Number one: I had pictured an elephant with butterflies and a hummingbird. But I would like to try this one again.

Number Two: I liked his realistic look. I am not sure of the colour but read that elephants can be a browny red as well as the common grey. But I am still not comfortable with it.

Family Games

We played games — lots of games. Settlers of Catan was the big one. A game of strategy I haven’t quite figured out but got better after each game. A great family game. I loved this. I also liked watching the strategies of the others players. My 11 year old granddaughter really has the patterns and ideas. Slowly Grandma is working on figuring this out.

Codenames was new this year. This was a team game. One word clues to make the team guess the right words. It’s not easy and certainly challenging. You can choose the wrong word — and X — you are the loser. I like the collaboration on this game.

Cribbage is my hubby’s game of choice. We managed a couple of games.

Everyone spent much of the time outside.

We let the kids tube again and again. We went boating and went in the hot tub. We talked and we ate and ate. One day we went to the beach nearby. Beautiful.

The last night we were there we had to take the boat across to the launch and pull it out. My daughter came to me as Grandpa was headed out with the trailer.

“Oh, please can Bryce (age 6) have a try at skiing. He hasn’t tried all week and he really really wants to do it.”

I asked Grandpa but he said, “No, we have to get the boat to the launch on time.”

After a few frantic moments we decided that our grandson would try to ski as the boat headed to the marina. Only two tries, with Mommy in the water, and he got up. And he skied all the way over to the marina. What an accomplishment!

You will never know unless you try.

Getting ready for his first voyage on skis. Notice how Grandpa has fashioned the skis to stay together.
He is up and away. Hurrah.

And I stayed up late. Very late for me. I am an early to bed person but this past week I went to bed after 11 or later every night. And no naps at all. Did I push myself? Absolutely. Was it worth it? Yes it was.

And what did I keep doing every morning? I spent time with God — thanking Him for this wonderful holiday opportunity, praying for friends and family, and reading His Word.

What did I learn from this week?

  1. To let go and give life a chance. Enjoy each moment.
  2. Have fun with everyone — at different times.
  3. Not to worry about trying to write but experience life first.