4 Outstanding Quotes I’ve Stuck on My Desk Wall for 400+ Days Now

Life-changing diamonds of wisdom worth rehashing daily

Neeramitra Reddy
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5 min readNov 27, 2022


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Quotes are wisdom cheat codes.

But with every John, Mary, and their mothers spamming them all over social media, we’ve reduced quotes to banal feel-good copes.

As a voracious reader and writer, I’m desensitized to the daily glib quote-blizzards—you know, the cliche “Never give up” and “Work in silence. Let success make the noise.”

But rarely, I encounter a quote that pierces through my heart in a sudden gasp of breath.

Even rarer are the quotes that, even on the zillionth reread, inspire and humble you.

I want to share 4 such quotes — ones I’ve stuck on my desk wall and, even 400 days later, remain as valuable.

“When in Doubt, Examine Your Intentions”

People often say, “Intentions don’t matter. Actions do.”

I say absolute bullsh*t.

A true right intention can’t help but translate into the right action.

If a “good” intention doesn’t produce the right action, it’s only a facade — hiding an ill intention at a subconscious level.

When my girlfriend wanted us to “abstain” from penetrative sex for a while, I was pissed.

But then, I realized we were serious about each other and see a potential future together.

So why in the world should a few weeks of abstinence matter?

When you center your awareness on your true intention, anxious doubt will fly out of the window — and calm conviction will set in.

The action’s effects might not be immediately apparent — as the cascading dominoes of causality take time to circulate the “act.”

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The hardest part is the sheer self-awareness and humility required to call out your own bullsh*t.



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