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4 Ways to Be a Better Date

#1 Make it Awkward

I used to be skilled, now I am patient.

Getting to know the person in front of you

Once you are past the hello’s and you are moving to more substantive conversation, most likely around getting to know one another, the decision to wait a moment after someone “finishes” speaking before you respond becomes incredibly valuable.

#2 Awkwardness is a Choice

Think life through for a second and you will never be the same (awkward) person you used to be.

They are going to squirm

If you practice intentional pauses in conversation to see if any other gems will come from the person you’re listening to, you will almost always run into “awkward” situations. It’s so incredibly rare to encounter someone who actually listens and takes the extra step to intentionally wait to see if you have more to say. The intentional pauses are therefore a guaranteed way to practice refusing to give in to the urge to feel awkward.

#3 Talk to Strangers

People are people are people, so get out of your own head and enjoy the world around you.

A real connection is not difficult to establish

A real connection does not have to come after hours of getting to know someone. It doesn’t have to come after an expensive dinner, it doesn’t have to come only if you both “had a good night.”

#4 Compliment Less, Reflect Out Loud More

Compliments are great and they work well for their purpose, that is why there are thousands of cards filled with generic compliments in grocery stores near you.

From compliment to meaningful reflection

Once you know a bit about the person, think about the aspects of them that you really admire or are amazed by. Ground the nice things you say in something related to them and how they make you think or feel.


How to be your best self.

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