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5 Critical Lessons I Learned When I Stopped Writing

It’s ok to take a break sometimes

Photo by Dmitry Ratushny on Unsplash

Here are the 5 critical lessons I learned while being unproductive for 4 whole months

1. Modern entertainment is a ‘lethal’ drug

2. The importance of self-care and reflection

How can you take care of your readers if you don’t even take care of yourself?

3. Distinguishing between needing a break and plain laziness

Am I taking this break because I still feel lousy and have yet to get right with myself, or am I taking a break because I don’t feel like putting in effort?

Photo by Carl Heyerdahl on Unsplash

4. Not to be productive for productivity’s sake

What time you wake up; what you do before you get to work; how you spend your time while commuting; what you do between 8 to 10 pm — nothing is free from productivity’s scrutiny.

“Aiming to be productive is the wrong way of going about it. If you follow your heart and align yourself with what you hold most dear, productivity becomes irrelevant. You’ll achieve, but you’re not wrapped up in it. Your identity isn’t caught up in whether or not you cross everything off your To-Do list.

Your happiness is based on how much you enjoy what you’re doing, rather than completing X number of tasks.”

5. It’s just as easy as it is hard to remain a spectator

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