5 Full Proof Ways to Skip the Next Sexual Revolution

Thomas E. McDaniels
Oct 16 · 3 min read

Affair proof your marriage

The ’60s ushered in the first sexual revolution.

Sex, drugs, and “rock n roll” was the mantra of that decade.

A new sexual revolution is here.

In our generation, sexual pleasure is linked to our individuality, and our moral construes.

Our current decade has uncovered the sexual abuse of powerful people. We have witnessed the evolving #metoo movement, and multiple websites connecting people for sexual encounters. We have also witnessed websites connecting others willing to commit adultery together.

Everyone has a choice and an opinion. Many have found that loyalty to a spouse or lover is the best and safest way to enjoy sexual intimacy.

Getting married was once about having sex for the first time. But now we get married to stop having sex with multiple partners.

Not everyone stops.


Ph.D., Mark D. White says; Adulterers often fool themselves into thinking this time will be the only time (or the last time). This could be true although unlikely; it is a way to rationalize and justify a “onetime” dalliance. If you feel tempted and want to avoid doing something you’ll regret, keep in mind the long-term consequences of cheating, including the harm it will do to your partner and your relationship, to any children you have and to your image of yourself.

The temptation is real

There are temptations that lead us to wrong choices. Sexually explicit billboards fill the sky. TV advertisements use beautiful women to gain greater exposure. Internet porn is at our fingertips.

Only the strong survive.

We live in a time where adultery is rampant. Arranged sexual encounters are normal. We hear very few stories about the true pain of divorce, the shame of pornography, or the consequences of adultery.

We do not have to believe in the Bible to agree that adultery destroys families, steals dreams, and wrecks lives.


Keep your marriage healthy

1. Take the cues

  • People who are willing to cheat will drop subtle hints. The greatest suggestion is to distance yourself from that person. And never take the bait to be alone with them.

2. Avoid the temptation

  • This suggestion is familiar to the last one. You must take extreme measures to protect yourself. Avoid all unnecessary conversation. Avoid eye to eye contact, and if possible avoid conversation that stimulates wrong desire.

3. Admit your weakness

  • Confess your weakness. Call a friend. See a counselor, or admit it to your spouse. This exposes your inner struggle and offers open accountability.

4. Draw social media boundaries

  • Social media can be dangerous for some. Connecting with sexual partners of the past stirs our emotions. Establishing social media accountability creates a safe place. One way to stay safe is to share a Facebook page with your spouse.

5. Have a single eye for your spouse

  • Learn to receive sexual pleasure from only your spouse. Some say this is crazy. It truly isn’t. We can learn to receive all our sexual stimulation from only one person.

Remember, it’s natural to suffer temptation, and it’s human to be weak, but only you can resist sexual temptation.

Sex, drugs, and rock and roll are still here. And so is sexual purity.

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Discover tomorrow’s bestsellers today. You'll say you knew them when.

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