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5 Skincare Tips That Don’t Get Due Credit Because They Demand Patience to Show Gratifying Results

No cosmetics are on the list.

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If eyes are the window to your soul, then your face is its preview. How we present ourselves depends significantly on how confident we feel in our skin.

While skincare products will depend on your skin type, the points I am sharing below don’t. They bless your complexion anyway because focusing on holistic health blesses all aspects connected to it.

Here we go.

#1: Quality sleep.

Failing to get enough sleep not only eats your productivity the next day. But it also messes up with how you manage emotions, and we surrender to anxious thoughts whenever we get stuck on even a tiny problem.

Chronic anxiety constricts the facial muscle too much and, if left unchecked, will hurt the uniformity of your skin tone.

#2. Healthy food.

Letting your food control your urges is a terrible method to build your relationship with food.

Conscious eating choices include surrendering to only occasional binges.

For the remaining time, what we eat and the ingredients in the food show the impact first on the stomach and then on our face.

For example, frequently eating spicy food is linked with acne breakouts. Eating fruits promote a glowing face.

#3. Regular exercise.

Although workouts have an element of challenge inherently built-in, the sweaty glow on your face is visible immediately after your session and sometimes even during!

Workouts are the only method I have found that has long-term and short-term benefits on your skin.

It happens because of the happiness hormones our brain releases when we are pumping iron while making scary faces.

Watching yourself in the mirror after a painful sesh gives a sense of achievement.

#4. Stress management.

Out of all the points I have discussed, I am the worst at stress management.

Stress management is a significant cause of hair loss, acne breakouts and healthy expression of emotions.

Although I am giving evolutionary roots as the reason why we are hyper-alert all the time, the actual cause is terrible patience.

When we can’t wait for time to move at the speed we want, the feeling of helplessness is a breeding ground for stress.

I wish there were a one-size-fits-all approach to stress management. But for now, I practice walking in nature, gratitude journaling and petting my cat, Jim.

#5. Spending time in nature.

The first kilometre is always the hardest when I go for a 5km outdoor run every Thursday.

But once I power through the first 8 minutes to finish the first kilometre and take a well-deserved short water break, I don’t want to come home unless I am done with the 5km goal.

Running is good for your skin in a similar way to strength training. The dripping sweat released from your head that washes down toxins from your face gives a tomato-like glow.

Closing thoughts.

Women have been obsessed with skincare since before my puberty hit. Men are just catching up.

Although skincare products are meant to complement your beauty and help you put your best face out in the world to radiate confidence, what we do throughout the day significantly affects how comfortable we look and feel in our skin.

Here is a recap for your memory:

  1. Quality sleep means facial muscles don’t stay constricted all the time.
  2. What you eat shows first on your stomach and then on your face.
  3. Workouts bless your skin by releasing happiness hormones.
  4. Stress management is a silent skincare booster.
  5. Spending time in nature is an addictive form of skincare.

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Sanjeev is a mentor, writer, and fitness enthusiast from India. He writes about lifelong learning, personal growth, and positive psychology. When he’s not engaging with students in solving their doubts or busy writing, he’s sweating either in a workout, vlogging, or playing with his cat, Jim. You can also find him on Instagram and Twitter.



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