A 5-Minute Daily Habit *Actually* Transforming Me and My Life

It’s working wonders for my happiness, mental health, and self-growth

Neeramitra Reddy


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This isn’t clickbait — nor is this one of those feel-good “micro-habit” cliches.

  • This is an actual 5-minute daily habit.
  • I’ve actually been consistently doing it for weeks now.
  • And it’s actually transforming my mental health, happiness, and life.

As far as I know (and have seen), no one else is talking about this habit…

At least not in this easy + effective + portable of a form(at). All it needs is 5 daily minutes and WhatsApp (or Telegram).

I can’t wait for it to change your life and mind as it has (been doing) for me!

P.S. Full credit for this habit goes to a certain fellowship — whose name I can’t reveal due to its anonymity policies. It was “given” to me for free and I’m passing it on in the same spirit.

With that said, let’s dive right in.

Revealing The Habit — And Its Deep, Nuanced Power

Daily reflection is powerful — but most form(at)s have 3 core problems:

  • Too complex and tedious for realistic consistency. No one has the time or patience to hand-write page after page every day.
  • Not easily accessible or portable. Making it hard to stay consistent — when busy, traveling, on vacation, or visiting friends/family.
  • No spiritual or “inner” basis — leading to self-critical negativity. Short-term, it might “work”. But long-term? It’ll burn you (inside) out.

Only inner change leads to true outer transformation.

Our form(at) solves all 3 problems.

But before diving into the implementation, let’s first dissect its powerful nuances….

Especially This Paradoxical yet Powerful Core Principle

Our daily reflection has 2 core parts:

  1. Gratitude for at least 5 things/people/events/insights — even (and especially) on bad days. You’ll be surprised by how (much more) positive this can make you.
  2. Surrendering these 4 negative traits to your (form of) God — Dishonesty, Selfishness, Resentment, and Fear. The order doesn’t matter — honest surrender does.

Part #1 might sound “cliche” — but in combination with the rarer part #2, it works wonders.

Not overnight, but gradually — and certainly.

In part #2, “Surrender to God” doesn’t need religious (or even spiritual) belief. It’s about “letting go” to something beyond you — God, the universe, a higher power, nature, etc.

It’s an ego-grounding act of humility.

“I have been driven many times upon my knees by the overwhelming conviction that I had no where else to go. My own wisdom and that of all about me seemed insufficient for that day.”

Abraham Lincoln

Counterintuitively, such surrender frees you of the negativity — better than any amount of willpower could!

This is the Pathway of Surrender — progressive self-purification via surrender. As Prof David Hawkins explains it,

“If the (negative) feeling has been totally surrendered and let go, usually all thoughts associated with it will have disappeared entirely and been replaced by a concluding thought which handles the matter quickly.”

Easy Steps to Implement It via WhatsApp/Telegram

Once set up, you only need 5 minutes a day — to reflect and track your reflections.

Step #1 — Create a Solo Group with Yourself…

And name it something along the lines of “Daily Reflection”.

Set an image/emoji/sticker that invokes your higher self as the group’s profile picture.

Nothing is more God-inducing for me than folded hands 🙏 (All screenshots by the author)

Step #2 — Optional but I Can’t Recommend This Enough…

Add an accountability partner to the group.

Choose someone you can be deeply vulnerable and open with. In my case, it’s a mentor from the fellowship.

Having a “witness” for your daily reflections boosts their potency. It’ll also keep you accountable.

My mentor’s simple one-word bio says it all

Step #3— The 3-Part Format of The Daily Reflection Message

The message format is simple:

  • Title it “DD/MM/YYYY or DDth <Month> YYYY” + “Reflection” in bold.
  • Under a bolded “Gratitude” sub-heading, type “I’m grateful for…” — and list out the 5 things/people/events/insights.
Title and Gratitude (Selectively blurred for the privacy of my mentor)
  • The “Surrender” bolded sub-section. Type “Dear <Your_Conception_Of_God>, I surrender to you the following…”. Then, list out the relevant thoughts/words/(re)actions (Dishonesty, Selfishness, Resentment, and Fear).
Airing my dirty laundry with the hope that it inspires you to air yours (in your daily reflections)

Step #4 — (Continue to) Bleed On Your Keyboard Every Night…

Forget fanciness, idealism, or dramatization…

Arm yourself with honesty and let your fingers fly — whatever words flow, let them flow.

Initial resistance and denial are normal — especially if an accountability partner is present. With time and trust, you’ll free up…

And your surrenders will get way more honest and detailed.

My first-day Surrender vs the most recent as of writing this article

The daily reflection is for your sake, self-awareness, and growth.

Your accountability partner is only the apparent witness. God (aka your own Higher Self) is the true witness…

Has always been.

“You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.”




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