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Nicole Akers
Oct 26, 2017 · 4 min read

We set out to create a place where we could publish delicious content, and came up with the name PubLishous, pronounced “Pub-LISH-ous” (rhymes with delicious) — this was the genesis of our “PL” logo, in case you were wondering. But the more we played around with the pronunciation, the more we heard the cries of so many writers and started pronouncing it “Publish Us.” We’re here to be, a publishing house.

We’re looking for professional quality pieces to help others improve their lives and to help writers, creatives, and artists get noticed.

Get noticed

We’ve been where you are and we know how difficult it is to get noticed. To get approved as a writer fill out the form at the bottom of this page. After you’re approved you’ll be added as a writer. This way you can submit future stories to us through Medium’s writing tools (the three dots).

After submitting the application, we’ll review the published work on your profile and see if you are a good fit. If you are, you’ll be added as a writer. This way you can submit future stories to us through Medium’s writing tools. We accept drafts, sent to the publication that are previously unpublished and fit our categories.

What kind of articles are we looking for?

We want to motivate and entertain people. We want fresh content to help people live healthier lives, help writers, improve productivity, increase faith, and entertain people through creative output all while helping you get published.

  • Please submit unpublished drafts. Here’s why: Medium’s algorithm favors fresh stories, and our homepage is sorted by date of when the article was published (not when it was accepted into the publication). The longer it’s been since a story’s original publish date, the poorer it will usually perform. Here’s how you send a draft to the pub.

Stories should be well developed and have around 750 words, at minimum.

Bring your personality with you, leave your snark behind. Use your experience to help people understand their options. Do research if necessary and cite your sources. Be creative.

Christianity — Grow Your Faith in Jesus:

Many of our authors write about their faith in Jesus Christ and this new page is focused to help readers who want to grow their faith. You’ll find stories here using the tags Christianity, Faith, Bible, and Religion.

Better Living— Live Your Best Life!:

Everyone is an expert in something, and our writers love to share their expertise to help others. Keeping you healthy and happy is a full-time job. So, to help you keep focused on being the best you you can be. On this new page, you’ll find stories using the tags Self-Improvement, Life, Life Lessons, Health, Relationships, Psychology.

Writing — Be a better writer:

This is Medium, after all, so we would be remiss if we didn’t have a place to showcase our writers who write to help other writers. Stories under this category should be about writing or improving writing, but not specific to Medium. If you’re interested in improving your writing, this is where you’ll find stories with the tags Writing, Writing Tips, and Writing Life.

We don’t want your stories that address hot-button topics. We’re a family-friendly publication.

What are we doing? Crowdsourcing Readership.

That’s right. We’re a crowdsourcing platform for readership. In crowdsourcing, large numbers of individuals get involved at various levels of commitment to help launch a project. At PublishousNow, authors are our projects and we ask our contributors to bring their followers to help launch them. See Shoplishous.

Think of it this way: Each of our contributors has his/her own group of followers, with varying degrees of loyalty. And, your most loyal followers subscribe to your blog so they’re among the first to read each of your works.You may guest post your content with another author to expose yourself to that person’s followers with the hope that some of them will also follow you, and that will grow your list faster.

What if you brought your followers to see your work in a place where scores of other authors are bringing their followers? Then your 2,000 followers join someone else’s 800, who are joining another author’s 5,200 followers, who are joining tens of thousands of followers other authors are bringing?

That’s what we mean by Crowdsourcing Readership. And, with nearly 1.5 million eyes on the website each month, that’s not too shabby.

Offer us the piece for the first 30 days, then treat it as a guest post and repost to your blog with backlink to us like this: Originally published on Publishous (with link). You retain the right to your work. Any publication who suggests the work belongs to it in perpetuity is not in accordance with Medium guidelines.

And, what’s better than first publish?

Not one…

Not two…

Not even three…

But four Publishous, because we publish to the Medium publication, the website, our Facebook page, and Twitter. Better yet, each piece goes in our library so it gets shared again in the future.

Ready to write with us?

Go here.

Best practices are shared here.

Consider following the founder and editors, especially if they relate to your niche.


How to be your best self.

Nicole Akers

Written by

Founder of Publishous. Mom of 2. Helps writers write better. Get my book, Make Money on Medium: Build Your Audience & Grow Your Income: https://amzn.to/2WI48e8


How to be your best self.

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