Are you good at Math or English?

Because you couldn’t possibly be good at both.

Photo by Katie Phillips via pixabay

In school, I was led to believe that you were either good at mathematics and hated English or you excelled at English and hated math.

But I actually was a very strong math AND English student. I took algebra, calculus and relations & functions in grade 12…and survived. I liked writing long essays and didn’t even mind reading Shakespeare.

Am I an anomaly?

Am I the only one who answers, “both” when asked if I am a cat-person or a dog-person? I once shared my home with 3 cats and 1 German Shepherd.

Am I the only one who is a coffee lover and a tea enthusiast? I love my java in the early morning but switch to tea in the afternoon.

I love to snowshoe. But I’m also a snowmobiler.

Spring or Fall? I love ’em both!

In the writing world, we are asked what genre we write in. We are told to choose a genre; to brand ourselves.

But I ask, why do I have to pick? I write non-fiction in the health & fitness arena. But I also write children’s activity books. I have written the odd piece of poetry but I have also written a novella.

On Medium it is a joy to not be pigeon-holed into only one niche. We are free to write what we want and not be limited to a certain brand.

I appreciate the opportunity to spread my wings and write with the God-given creativity that I was born with.

How about you? Math or English? Or both?