Are Your Dreams Big Enough?

One Writer’s Dream Partially Realised Through the Storms and Fires of Life

One Year Ago*

Our jacaranda sapling, late November 2016


a dream is

partially realised.

Writing at my desk,

I see a jacaranda tree

swaying in the breeze, metres away.

It’s a symbol of hope — though still a stapling.

I’m content. I first visualised this in some future location!

I had no part in planting our jacaranda. Nor did I know this tree often self-seeds. Whether or not well positioned, I rejoice in our jacaranda — a treasure from God, which I choose to accept as a visual sign of better things to come.

Dreaming On

How wonderful it will be to see my dream realised… writing regularly, with a natural highlight of Sydney’s Novembers in view: lavendar laden jacaranda boughs!

Lavender laden jacaranda boughs

Even better will be what God turns these plans into — a reality far beyond my imagination! I know because He’s done this countless times, in my life… and in the lives of others.

Yet, like you, I continue to go through difficult times.

The Storms and Fires of Life

When I began writing this article, cool winds shook our sapling in all directions, despite some shelter from the fence. Tonight more wind and heavy rain assaulted it.

I’m reminded trees need wind to become strong. Certainly, as Tomya Peters aptly points out in her memoir, fires which consume much of a forest rejuvenate trees in the long term.

Fires which consume much of a forest rejuvenate trees in the long term

Could this be the same for us?

Growing Stronger

Difficulties and trials can bring out our best!

Through my experiences of:

  • abandonment
  • health issues
  • sexual abuse
  • deaths of dear ones
  • separation from my husband of ten years, with reconciliation for ten more years, before an unwanted divorce
  • seasons of distance from our two beautiful children and…
  • stretched in countless ways to publish on my website

God always loved me and continues to love me; has forgiven me and helps me grow more and more through all He allows in my life.

Abundantly Blessed

Stunted perhaps, I continue to grow due to these difficult times.

God keeps revealing new ways in which He turns my problems into abundant blessings. I thank Him more and more for everything in life, including my challenges.

Now, more determined to pass on the abundance I’m gaining, I encourage you to be loving and living to your fullest with me.

Coming Soon*

*A year ago, I wrote this post to share with some of you, fellow writers in my Tribe Writers Facebook group (with thanks to our writing mentor Jeff Goins), as I followed his roadmap to publish online publicly.

I plan to follow up this post with another to compare this year’s writing journey, a continuing realisation of my dream in 2017, to the growth of our jacaranda tree. Each following year, I aim to share with you a review of my writing over the past year.

Do you review your creative work?

How far have you moved forward to your dreams in the last year?



  1. Dare to dream beyond what seems possible.
  2. How can God’s plans exceed your wildest dreams?

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