Discover the Benefits of Executing a Content Creation & Social Media Strategy to Grow Your Business — Even During Economic Uncertainty

Establish close bonds that are not easily broken.

William Ballard, MBA
Jun 12 · 7 min read
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This might be a little difficult to swallow, but NO ONE picks up their phone to actually call and talk to someone anymore. In fact, not only is everyone utilizing text (and instant messaging features through social media apps) to connect to people around the world — they are actually using them to communicate to others even on the other side of the room these days.

Believe it or not, there are about 2.34 billion people connected to Social Media networks at a given moment — and that number continues to rise daily. Therefore, if social media is where your target customers and clients are spending the majority of their time, then why wouldn’t you use content creation and social media strategies to reach them?

Look, I know how you feel, like you, I’ve always appreciated the face-to-face interaction that I would receive when walking into one of my favorite stores. In fact, it was that personal touch that made me want to keep coming back.

Nevertheless, we find ourselves still trying to work our way out of this post-epidemic environment, still wondering if we’ll ever get that in-person interaction back.

Can you believe it now? That even a few years ago a lot of businesses didn’t want to buy-in to just how important content creation and social media marketing was. Nevertheless, businesses are beginning to sing a different tune these days. They are beginning to realize just how effective content marketing and social media strategies really are, especially when it comes to building an effective sales and marketing team.

Look, you can either be one of those few businesses that refuse to accept the reality of things — or you can just suck-it-up, acknowledge the situation we are in, and learn to adapt and overcome — learn how to engage with your potential customers and clients in the midst of the “new normal.”

Even despite the current situation we are in, I’ve continued to experience several of my clients rise in the ranks of their industries (such as real estate, network marketing, personal fitness, etc.) because of the growth strategies they decided to develop by blending content creation (for educational and informational purposes) and social media (for that personal touch) — while also never neglecting that “old-school” in-person interaction.

Now, consider joining the “new normal,” and acknowledge that content creation and social media strategies can be a very powerful tool for your business when used appropriately.

Here are three benefits to implementing a content creation and social media strategy into your business — even during economic uncertainty.

Benefit #1: Enlarge Your Reach

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With content marketing and social media strategies being implemented in your business, you’re no longer confined to your town, city, or even country. You can reach thousands of people around the world at the fastest speed an Internet Service Provider (ISP) can provide to its customers.

Now, even small business owners and entrepreneurs in the smallest towns around can build a secure — and essential — business without spending all of their hard-earned money and valuable time traveling to outside cities or even going from state-to-state for tradeshows and conventions.

In short, the strategies I’m referring to you here allow you to THINK BIGGER and expand your business by reaching places, markets, and prospects that were previously unattainable.

Now, with that said, I still believe you should make a point to travel and visit the places where you have been able to do business so that you can meet with customers and clients face-to-face. But with social media, that initial interaction can be done online through a video call or LIVE video stream.

Benefit #2: Establish Close Bonds That Are Not Easily Broken

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When you do begin to expand your business it is important that you maintain connections and relationships with your “long-distance” customers, clients, and potential prospects.

As I’ve mentioned before, I encourage you to meet with the people that you have been able to do business with online as soon as the opportunity presents itself, but until then.

Content creation and social media strategies provide you with a way to nurture those relationships on a more consistent basis. You see, you can keep in touch with past and current clients on social media through messages of encouragement and compassion.

Of course, that type of interaction can also be easily accomplished through an email or phone call (which is less public), but with content creation and social media communications, you can go one step further by liking and sharing one of your customers or clients posts, composing a comment, or by wishing them a happy birthday.

You see, what you are doing is nurturing that relationship in a more public format, which is one of the most important steps to establishing a type of close bond that is not easily broken. In other words, just like in the “old days,” if you wanted to create a close-knit bond with someone, it was formed in a public setting.

In short, content creation and social media gives you the tools you need to interact with current and past customers and clients, as well as new leads, consistently through simple acts of compassion that let people know you are thinking of them and invested in their success and personal well-being.

Benefit #3: Build a Brand That People Want to Follow — As Well As Create a Pathway to Lead Generation

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One of the best advantages of using content creation and social media strategies in your business is how you can actually have the leads that make up your target market come to you, rather than you to them. Those of us in the digital marketing space refer to this phenomenon as “In-Bound” marketing.

You see, your brand — who you are, what you stand for, your interests, your values, etc. — can attract like-minded people to you and suddenly your lead list begins to build itself. That’s the power of In-Bound marketing.

Now, granted, this doesn’t mean you can just sit back and wait for a flood of new leads to come to you by doing nothing.

However, it does mean that instead of desperately searching for these leads yourself through cold-calling methods or the old door-to-door direct-sales type interaction — essentially, becoming an “annoying pest rather than a welcome guest” — people will find you through their similar interests, which is portrayed in your brand throughout the content you post, publish, and share.

This is the “establishing common ground” concept that most small business owners and newbie entrepreneurs struggle with. You see, your brand and your content and social media strategy will help to introduce you to more people than you’ll know what to do with.

And we are talking about new leads and prospects that are already searching for you— and are already convinced (or at least interested) in the need for the product or service you offer — rather than you having to search for them and convince them of the value and need for your product or service. They come to you already a believer.

Through your content creation and social media strategy, you’ll attract fans, followers, and friends, plus be able to build rapport with themthe kind of connections that are vital to turning leads into customers/clients, and customers/clients into brand evangelist eggar to share your message.

In short, the “old-school” strategies of in-person interactions will still be a strong and effective way to network and generate new leads, as well as establish close-knit bonds that are not easily broken once everything begins to get back to some state of normalcy.

However, even more now than ever, content creation and social media marketing can help you build a stronger and larger customer base of brand ambassadors that are thrilled to be connected with you.

William Ballard is one of the most sought-after business and leadership coaches in the world. As founder and CEO of William Ballard Enterprise, his core business development and leadership programs are designed to be a catalyst for entrepreneurs and leaders who want to enhance performance and make a meaningful difference in their business, their lives, and the world.


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