Googling for God and Found This

Hate begins here

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While doing some research on a recent article, I discovered some information that captured my attention.

It arrested my heart and mind.

My quintessential question is; Where is hate coming from?

My Google research uncovered an astounding truth

I discovered a fascinating article by the New York Times called “Googling for God.”

Here is an edited version of the story.

What is the most common word to complete the following question: Why did God make me ________________? №1, by far, is “ugly.”

After reading the Davidowitz report, my mind could not grasp the thought and my heart was hurting. What if I felt ugly and believed that God was indifferent toward me?

First, no one is ugly. And the thought of being upset with God for how we look is mind-boggling to me. And yet, I understand.

Few lives are ideal

No one is ugly. Ask your mother. Everyone believes that beautiful people live great lives. Not true. Beauty can be a curse. Beautiful people have equally severe battles as the less beautiful.

Life does not offer the choice of our family of origin. We also have no control over our birth features. And since we cannot blame ourselves, we have to blame somebody. Right?

I guess God is the only obvious choice. Ultimately, this causes us to think and believe that God is indifferent toward us.

This affects our perception and our feelings toward God and ourselves

To believe that God has hand-picked us for ugly or for oppression is an open door to self-hatred and to hating the life we live. Hate evolves there.

Self hatred

Psychologists believe that hate is a learned trait. At a minimum, hatred must have a source fueling the feeling.

Hatred is not normal. Hating God ultimately ends in hating ourselves. If we hate ourselves, it is a sure thing that we will hate others.

Is hating ourselves and our existence a cause of the hate we see on social media and in society?

Hate lives where self feels threatened. This includes a threat to our belief system. Maybe we believe that others are more liked than us. Like God has short-changed us. That’s a lie.

Or maybe we are envious or insecure of others. Unhappiness births hatred for life and self.

When we cannot control our looks, outcomes, or circumstances, we search for something to control. Can you imagine using hate to gain a sense of regained power? We must believe this is subconscious, but not always.

Life is uncertain on many fronts. Broken homes, broken relationships, and broken dreams leave us defeated and utterly disappointed. Hate grows.

Discovering the genesis

A few years ago, I attended a Christian meeting celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Young. Families with young children filled the room. Rather than share the progress we have made in racial reconciliation, the speaker shared the pain of his grandfather being enslaved by white slave owners.

The room filled with emotion. What I heard enraged my emotions toward the people who had enslaved and mistreated this black family.

I cannot imagine the pain and degradation of being a slave. I have sympathy and compassion for the abuse. But the message that day only continued the pain and fueled the fires of racism.

Small children were silent, and it captured teenagers up in the emotions of racism and injustice. Hate spawns in the early years.

I am not saying there is no place for this. However, I believe we can share our pain without fueling un-forgiveness and continued heartache.

Our pain turns to gain when we use it to help others to get better.

We must resist hate

We are here.

As Christians, we must reverse this trend

Healing begins with God

Only God can heal our broken hearts.

Only God can turn hatred around.

Injustice is real. Everyone is not good.

But God is good and He can heal our hatred of self and life.

We must find God’s love

Then we must learn to love ourselves the way God has designed.

Loving ourselves is not selfish.

Loving ourselves means loving God first. That is the path to loving others.

Hate cannot abide where love lives. If we are born of God, love rules and reigns in our lives.

Healing hate begins here.

If we hate our lives because of how God made us, then we must allow God to use what He made.

And that’s the truth.

Thank you for reading this post. You can find additional articles on my website.


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Discover tomorrow’s bestsellers today. You'll say you knew them when.

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