Grammarly Saved Me

As most of you know I have horrible spelling and my sentence structure is pathetic. You are probably tired of hearing about my crappy writing skills if you read my blogs.

In one of my past jobs, I used Grammarly. My boss at the time suggested that I use it and other workers as well. It was very beneficial to me and I enjoyed having the extra help when documenting at work. Since I don’t have the job anymore I haven't used Grammarly since that job. However, as of today, I have started using it again. I honestly forgot about it. Until I saw a blog about writing on Medium and the blog mentioned Grammarly. I logged into my account and made a few small changes and now I have Grammarly back on my computer. Hurray!!

Even with this short blog Grammarly suggested commas and helped me with my spelling.

If you are interested in becoming a better writer, the article is below and talks about Grammarly towards the beginning.

Thank you for reading! :)