Happiness Is Nothing But A Perspective

If you think about it…

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“Happiness is letting go of what you think your life is supposed to look like and celebrating it for everything that it is.” — Mandy Hale

What is happiness exactly?

It is a question that we ask ourselves from time to time, but find difficult to pin down an exact definition of.

What we do know, is that different folks have different yardsticks for measuring the level of happiness they experience in their lives.

For instance, happiness can find its roots in what we value.

If you value power, status and money, and manage to achieve all three, you may find yourself happy, however fleeting or lasting that feeling may be.

If you value family, setting up a home filled with loving warmth and shrieking toddlers may be the jam to your toast of happiness.

If you value self-actualization, publishing a book on ‘The State of Our World’s Bison Population’ and becoming the foremost authority on that subject may make you jump for joy.

These are all valid reasons to be happy, but consider this:

What if you don’t achieve what you set out to accomplish — be it career, relationship or self-actualization goals?

Will you still be happy?

You see, when we view happiness as something to be unlocked only upon the achievement or accomplishment of something, then we will always be chasing it.

Because even if you achieve your goal(s), there’s always the next highest rung to reach for.

We can call this ‘success-dependent happiness’, where the level of your happiness at any point in time corresponds directly with how successful you think you are.

The cycle of ‘success-dependent happiness’ looks a little something like this:

Unhappiness from non-attainment of goal→

Happiness from attainment of goal→

Happiness fades when sights are set on a higher



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