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Here Are 5 Morning Rituals That Make You Feel Great

Practice these every day for awesome feels and great productivity.

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Let me ask you a question:

Do you have a morning ritual?

Of course you have.

But does that morning ritual make you feel great?

Every day you routinely wake up and you go through it on auto-pilot. You don’t think about it, you do it. Although there is nothing wrong, I believe that how our mornings are spent is actually pretty important.

Regardless of if you are one who sleeps in and skips most of the ritual sequence or someone who gets through it all, our morning ritual is important. What we actually do right in the morning impacts the mood of our day for the rest of the day. I’m not referring to only actions, I’m referring to thoughts as well.

Let Me Tell You A Story

Since I started the New Year, I’ve been on a roll like never before. I haven’t seen any signs of being burnt out and each day had a lot of purpose. I also had a specific routine that I went through that really made my day.

Although generally I’m a positive person to begin with, in recent weeks I’ve noticed my mood slipping a little. It’s not that I’m showing fake happiness or anything. It’s that I feel my days and my mornings seem blander. In essence both my mood and my perspective of where I’ve been going has shifted slightly.

But the biggest thing that I think made that shift was how I conducted my morning ritual. You see, the shift occurred when I started to wake up later in the day. Usually an hour and a half difference from when I started waking up at the beginning of the year.

As a result of this realization, it’s important for me to get back on track, but also to share this with other people. After all, imagine if you had a more productive morning routine.

If my entire mood or perspective shifted just by what I was doing in the morning, I believe the same can work for you.

So here’s five of the big game changers that are in my morning routine that’ll help you!

Waking Up Early

Sleeping in was the first thing that really started to screw up my morning routine. In fact every time I thought of changing it, the answer for me was simple:

Start waking up early again.

I may have the luxury of working a business from home and make my own hours, but there is a difference between leveraging and abusing. Just because you work from home doesn’t mean you get to sleep in all the time.

Many people drum it up as if it’s a nice thing. You make your own hours, you don’t have to commute. It can make those who work day jobs tell you how lucky you are.

The reality though is different. Yeah there are some perks to working from home. But working from home is honestly the hardest thing you will ever do in your entire life. I’ll share that difficulty some other time.

Regardless of if you have a day job or a business, waking up early is the first key element. It allows you time to prepare for the day and to even get through all these activities I’m suggesting to you.

If waking up early is a problem start setting an alarm clock and place it across the room. What may also work is there’s a memory foam rug out right now that serves as a alarm clock. It’ll shut down after you have your feet on it for a set number of seconds.

Begin With Affirmations And Gratitude

I mentioned thoughts as part of a morning routine and I did so for a reason. They too can impact the mood of your day. One of the things that led me to that mood shift was my constant reminder (and failure to follow through) that I needed to get to bed earlier. Soon, that shift started to affect my mood to the point I was becoming restless with my goals.

By all means, there’s nothing wrong with being hungry about your goals and striving for success. But do so with meaning. That’s honestly where affirmations and gratitude come in.

For one, you can use these to narrow down what exactly you want in your life. At the same time, you can express gratitude for the things you do have in your life as well. I believe the main reason some people buy new cars so frequently is their desire for newer and flashier things. They become obsessed with whatever their purchase was until something newer and better comes along the way.

They don’t express gratitude for what they have. As a result many people go further and further into debt.

That’s an extreme case, but having affirmations and a gratitude ritual right in the morning can set the tone for your day more than you realize. When you know what you want, place your affirmations around that. It puts things into perspective.

As an added bonus that rug I mentioned above also spits out positive affirmations as well. All the more reason to invest a little into that don’t you think?

I’m not paid to write about that rug. I just think it’s awesome and can help people.

Do Something You Love

The first thing I do in the morning after I do my basic core things is write. I love writing and it’s a key part of my day. I’m left feeling a sense of satisfaction. Even though this is literally my job and I have to do it.

My point is those affirmations and waking up early stuff ensures that I wake up early and get at least one piece of writing done early in the day. It’s around this time that my brain is booting up and for a lot of us it’s at peak performance during this time.

It’s why in the morning you are alert and you work harder than compared to your afternoon. That might be hard to notice if you are a person who routinely drinks coffee every morning.

Anyway, even if it’s not your job, you want to do something that you love first thing in the morning. This can be exercising, reading, writing, whatever. Do something active whether on a mental level or a physical level.

Exercise Your Brain/Body

Regardless of what sort of activity you love, I think it’s important to exercise the opposite too. For this section though I want to be focusing on the brain. After all, finding resources on exercising is easy. Here’s some Youtube videos on exercising.

As for the brain, the brain is easier than you think. In the end the brain develops as long as it is being used regardless of the activity. Obviously you can grow it more the more challenging of a innercise you are using, but don’t strain yourself.

Some brain exercises you can do is start by counting from 100 backwards, and then associate a word with each letter of the alphabet. The challenging part is you could do is time yourself and try to beat your recorded time.

Other brain exercises could be reading some heavier or philosophical articles. Consuming podcasts that make you think more. Or you could also take up writing. There’s a lot of possibilities.

Ensure The First Liquid You Drink Is Water

This is the one thing that I don’t have a problem with. I drink a lot of water. In fact I mostly drink water. It’s rare to see me without a water bottle, let alone drinking something else that isn’t water.

Drinking water flushes your system, and depending on the water, can help you feel refreshed as well. Again it’s quite satisfying and sets the tone for the day. Whether you believe in alkaline water, or tap water, I find the best middle ground is to invest in a Brita pitcher. The only exception is if you are on well water or live in North America.

The whole nutrition industry can be rather confusing, but the main thing is do what your body likes. If you’re concerned, get a filter. Either way you want to be drinking water as so many people skip out on drinking it over the day.

A Productive Morning

As I’ve said before, a productive morning ritual really sets the tone for your day and your whole outlook of the day as well. Even doing a few of these will start to shift your day dramatically. Ideally doing all five of these will influence your day in a big way too.

Try these out and let me know about some other things that you think might be helpful in the comments! I know there are more morning ritual stuff out there!

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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