Less is more.

Here’s A Recipe To Achieving More of What You Want In Life

Why less is better.

Joshua Idegbere
Feb 11 · 4 min read
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December was a busy month for me. For the first time, I set a goal that I had to think of writing a minimum of one story every day for the next 31 days.

Also, since I was returning home after being away for months, my family wanted me to come around to catch some good fun and visit family and friends. In the same month, I had an appointment to go out on a date with a young lady who was also a medical student but my junior colleague.

It was, indeed, a month packed full of activities.

At some point in trying to manage all I had in mind as well as other things that were popping into my daily schedule, I recognized that I was always getting exhausted before the day was over. And in the days where I needed to write in the evening, I had no strength or willpower left to write even the opening statements of the story I have to submit that day. It was that difficult.

And because of that contention, I could only publish about 40 articles instead of the initial 50 to 60 I set out to accomplish by the end of December.

That experience taught me a lesson of life: you can't fulfill all your promises and there's nothing wrong with that.

It's a sign of maturity to leave some tasks undone. And in case you don’t know, life doesn't reward being busy but being productively creative.

So the person who spends their energy on any other tasks outside what doesn't fall within the description of productivity is spending rather than INVESTING their time and effort. And bearing in mind that life only has returns on investment for invested time, that person is at a huge loss.

Had they invested that time in creating something, they would have gotten their due compensation by the end of the day.

So, give first priority to activities that are of value to your personal improvement, family and career growth. Anything outside these three is more or less a negative and you don't need it.

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Recently, I was contemplating going into a relationship this year. But upon second thought, I discovered that being in a relationship will cost me the time I had planned to read the books I have in my library. And reading at least half of all the 200 plus books I have in my library was part of my new year resolution. So I took a close look at the two and decided to put a hold on getting into a relationship for the next 6 months.

Each day, I'm seeing how that decision has helped me preserved my most important resources — time and energy — and invest it in creating stuff and becoming more productive. I wasn't as productive last year as I'm this year.

Looking back, one of the major drawbacks was the time and energy my relationship was costing me. So for the next six months, I'm not giving a relationship a second thought until I'm way into fulfilling my personal development goal for the year.

Your goal can be different. It may not be a relationship; It could be something else entirely that could contest with the time and energy you have for a major project for the year. The best thing you can do is postpone it for the next few months and focus on your project. And until you are halfway into fulfilling your major projects, don't give other urgent and unimportant tasks any second thoughts.

If you can do this, you will have time enough to do your work and achieve more of your most important goals for the year. And in the end, you’ll be in better shape to achieve other projects.

That’s the only way you can effectively manage your resources by doing less so as to achieve more.


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Joshua Idegbere

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A Young Guy, 26. Medical Doctor {in training}. Writes for The Startup, Publishous, the Ascent, Live Your Life on Purpose, a Few Words.


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