How Learning Two Languages at the same time Makes it Easier to Learn

Erika Chaudhary
Jan 24, 2019 · 3 min read

I am studying Urdu and Spanish at the same time. On Mondays I have my Urdu class and on Wednesdays I have my Spanish class. Some people think I am mad doing that. Actually, it’s easier to learn two languages than studying one. Here is why!

Learning a language you training your brain to think differently! That’s all there is to learning a language. Ok maybe a bit more but essentially that’s what you are doing. Think about it, your brain is used to saying “the sun is shining” in one language. Now you challenge it, say it in Russian, Lithuanian, Korean, Spanish, Urdu and so on. Your brain goes “I don’t understand get me out of here”!

Purely because it doesn’t know it! Once I introduce that there are other ways to say the same thing it becomes easier. The brain gets used to it. Amazing! I learned the same sentence to say in another language! Yay and it’s not that hard after all, right?! We all know that feeling when we can say something in a different language!

The more you train the easier it becomes! It’s like running, the more you run the easier it becomes. You might even start to set yourself greater challenges and run longer distances and so on. The same is with the language. The more you study Urdu the easier it becomes. The more time I spend learning the alphabet the easier it becomes. It’s a simple recipe. Everyone knows it!

Add another language to it and your brain goes again “get me out of here!”. Then you start to learn more sentences in different languages and it slowly becomes ok and faster than the first time! Why? Because your brain is used to being challenged to think differently. The more you train your brain to think differently the easier it becomes to learn.

The brain becomes like an elastic band or whatever you want to call it. Think about when you were at school how many subjects were you studying on the same day? Many! And in a week? Your brain is so capable, we human beings, don’t challenge it enough! Just because we have grown up doesn’t mean we cannot study and learn new things. The brain hasn’t stopped functioning!

I am studying two very different languages Urdu has its own alphabet and the sentence structure is very very very very very different to English, or, say, Spanish. That’s the reason it is easier to learn. Because the languages I am studying are different I don’t get confused. What happens to my brain is that it bounces off the languages it knows! It sounds funny but it’s true!

For instance, I need to say something in Urdu like “This is my book” my brain thinks in English, then Lithuanian, then Russian than tries to come up in Spanish and eventually it goes to Urdu. It’s the strangest thing. How the brain searches for what it knows! Sometimes when I study Spanish I immediately think something in Lithuanian.

Actually, that’s how we are in life. We are all searching for what we know but we cannot possibly learn something new going back to our brains looking for what we know, can we?!

So the more languages you are learning the easier it becomes to learn! No, I am not mad I am not a genius I am just a human being curious enough to learn! I wish you more curiosity and more willingness to train your brain to not to be afraid of the new! I am challenging myself to learn sewing and coding all at the same time! It’s magic and not madness!


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