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How Leaving My Home Country Made Me Appreciate the Beauty in the Shortness of Life

You’re writing your future right now. Are you proud of your story?

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You will get bored of everything eventually, no matter how much you crave it in the starting. It applies to all kinds of people, places or non-living things.

After a particular time, we outgrow anything if it doesn’t pique our curiosity.

Three years ago, when I came to Bangalore — the Silicon Valley of India — to direct life on my terms, I had no idea two summers would pass in a blink of an eye. Yet, I am wondering how fast I reached where I stand.

Time flies if we don’t keep track of it.

In February 2022, When I planned to do higher studies in Germany because I felt monotonicity in my current job, I made a big decision that required planning my next two years carefully. I am moving out next year.

Because I have limited time to enjoy my homeland before it becomes a memory, I have to use my time to the fullest. Here are three lessons that made me appreciate the beauty in the shortness of life and what we can do about it.

#1. Don’t take your blessings for granted.

Maintaining a gratitude journal highlights how many blessings went unnoticed while you were too busy living your life.

Slowing down every night before bedtime to write down positive memories from my day reminds me how much I will miss the people I care about.

People who make me what I am, who made me understand the value of finding meaning in struggles.

My school made me excel in academics. Then college showed me academics are not everything. You better understand the power of networking!

My childhood was difficult because of asthma, lactose intolerance and losing my mother when I was 5-years young. But my father never let me feel short because he walked on fire for me as a single parent while raising two stubborn boys ( and cooking delicious food ).

Be grateful for what [and who] you have. Peace will find you.

#2. Write the life story that makes you proud.

On my 25th birthday this year, I did an overview of my 5-year plan.

I found I’ve made substantial progress from my past self. The 2017-Sanjeev is proud of 2022-Sanjeev. But the future me expects more.

I’m where I want to be. I’m satisfied. But when I looked at my mental growth, I saw a red signal which ignited me to pursue lifelong learning again.

You are designing your future right now. Are you proud of your story? Is there one step in the right direction that could start a chain reaction of success stories?

#3. Lifelong learning is vital.

No matter how exciting a new adventure is, if you do it on repeat, you’ll eventually get so bored that you’ll want an escape. For example, you attend a live standup comedy when you’ve had enough of bingeing it on screen.

A similar situation happened to me while living in the tech hub of India. I’m not saying Bangalore is a boring city.

But, once you juice all your fantasies from a place, your mind will want you to explore more. Your mind will urge you to experience similar adventures, which used to give you an emotional high in your initial exciting days.

I want to experience the uncertain environment to burn my comfort zone as I did when my first flight landed in Bangalore.

What are we doing if we are not challenging ourselves regularly? We are wasting our most essential asset: our mind.

Final words

Life takes us through different phases to test our values. We can learn from each experience or get dragged anyway.

With less than a year remaining in my metaphorical hourglass, I’m organising plans to spend time with all the folks I can before the sand settles because I learned from my transition from 9-to-5 to a fully-remote job that quality relationships matter.

Who you spend time with and whether you cherish those memories significantly impact your mental health.

To ensure your mind and body are in sync to support your wellbeing, spend more time with your loved ones before it’s not free anymore.

And also, don’t wait for Father’s Day to call your dad.

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Sanjeev is a mentor, writer, and fitness enthusiast from India. He writes about lifelong learning, health, and positive psychology. When he’s not engaging with students or writing articles, he’s sweating in a workout, PC gaming or playing 8-ball pool. You can also find him on Twitter and Instagram.



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