How much can we believe our negative thoughts?

If you feel like you are swimming against the current and your arms can’t move, your voice is strained, and every good thing you do produces only more bad. I want you to stop. Drown for three seconds and get to know how close to death you are because negativity is a lot like killing yourself slowly. Don’t try to breathe, don’t make the effort, and watch as it consumes you. Only then will you realize when you are staring at a dark abyss how being positive works.

A lot of outward resources affect how we think, why we think the way we do, and what we do about these thoughts. Losing your job is an extreme example. Most people who lose their job fend off in misery trying to wrestle with any tiny point of a positive view. Sometimes things happen for a reason. We may never know the reason but in the end, our choices dictate what our thoughts turn into.

Unfortunately, the hardest battle to win is against negativity. Some people can’t win because they continue to depend on a drug. Others can’t win because there is a constant stream of words telling them they are no good. In the end, we are all one and the same. Wrestling against a negative life. So why are our thoughts so connected to our life?

Funny thing is that most people like Eminem who hit the music industry came from a struggling life. He fought against everybody who ever told him he couldn’t. This power of positive thought embodied him to make the industry but then as he got more famous problems developed from the negative mind of drugs, and gangs. It tells us even fame isn’t enough to rival our own thoughts.

Thoughts are like strings that weave us through life. If you think you can. You can. If you think you can’t. You can’t. Despair happens when all of our negative thoughts wrap themselves together and hold us down with its dark hands. Holding in place like shackles.

You are a puppet of your own design. You can live trapped in your own personal hell. Or you can face your demons and begin to work on a more happier life. The choice is in how you rework your thoughts like a construction worker who rebuilds roads. Paths are never permanent. The reaper is always getting closer no matter if you are positive or locked in your own personal hell. He will come. On the day he does..who do you want to be?

What’s drowning you? What’s worrying you into a sea of despair? What poison has been done to you?

We all have demons. Some we can never chase down. Others we can stare dead in the eyes and know that it is winning. Our resentment towards others, anger, depression, and reoccurring stress we take in consumes us like a fire lit on a cold winter night.

Locking ourselves in a void of excuses doesn’t change the matter that we are stuck in our own personal hell. Believing in doubt, and absorbing the ideas that we are no good. It’s poison. Our own human mind has a way of poisoning us. It creates our own destruction.

Giving in to negativity is like giving in to heroine. Once it starts you begin to drown yourself in a never-ending twist of bad. Your mood is like an eclipse. One second you are happy and one second you are miserable. Being moody becomes all you know.

I can’t. I won’t. I’m too tired.

Familiar words we have all spoken. Writers use it when we want to use an excuse to write. People use it when they don’t to work. Others use it when they don’t want to carry responsibility. But none the less, we think these words more often than we should.

The more we repeat them the more we believe them. We become dependent on being the damsel in distress. But no one can save you from your own personal hell. No one can be your hero. You must be your own hero.

Do the opposite. Start telling yourself you can, you will, and you shall do. Twisting your negativity into a positive thought can play a major change in how the world perceives you and how you perceive you.


Like poison being bitter at life never gets you any further than a fast track to depression. Being bitter means holding disdain at everyone else for your own inner demons. You take out all your anger on the next person. Blaming them for everything that you have done. Is it fair to be bitter like that? Is it fair to put down others for your own desires?

The only way to change from being bitter is to start saying something nice every time you are thinking something bad. Take ten seconds to breathe in and out to determine if it’s worth being mean to that person. By being consistently kind you may see a little kindness fall your way.

Putting others down

Following my words from earlier. If you are living in your own personal hell don’t take other people down with you. Its like if you knew your car was veering off the road and you were drunk but the passenger in your car is sober. They may not have had a choice in the matter.

Negative thoughts that we have can be portrayed and pushed onto the innocent victim who was only trying to help. If you can’t accept your circumstances or change them on your own than you won’t ever be able to deal with the demons of your own negativity.

Don’t stop trying. Don’t stop fighting for what you want. Prepare for war against the thoughts that are dragging you down.

Stay busy

The only way to remain above the negativity is to stay busy and limit your use of social media. By sitting around you give yourself time to sit in the swarming sea of despair that your brain wants you in. Go for a walk. Go for a run. When you feel like the world is suffocating you take a stand by occupying yourself.

You can not force change on sheep. Change can only be done by choice.

Don’t believe in negativity and negativity won’t rule you. Life is too short to be a toxic person. Life is too short to point fingers. If life throws you at the bottom of the ladder. You have one choice. Rise above.

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