How Much Can You Tolerate Receiving…

Listening to the coaching call, this struck me, How much can you tolerate receiving from the Universe?

As a Christian, I changed it to, receiving from God…


It’s harder than it sounds, it implies an openness, a vulnerability, a mindset of seeing and taking opportunities instead of distrusting and looking for the angle…

As I reflect on 2018, these are the words that are floating to the top of what I think God has for me.

Last year my word was flourish and when I picked it, I imagined a luscious tree, you know, by a stream of water, with vibrant leaves, singing birds and fruitful hanging from every branch.

Before I hit the end of January 2017, God whispered to my heart, it’s time for root work.

NO! This was the opposite of what I wanted.

Root work is dark, dirty and messy. It is often painful as the very foundation of beliefs, habits and heart is exhumed, examined and empowered.

From the surface, root work looks like nothing is happening.

This is why so few people take the trouble or time to do the inner work: it is invisible.

But the truth is that the root work is all we need…

As my dear friend, Janis Cox said, flourish is about GROWING and the best way to grow is DEEP and STRONG.

Without the root work of 2017, I would not be led to CATAPULT into 2018…

Root work healed me.

Root work confirmed God’s calling on my life.

Root work set the stage for me to become the person I had always dreamed of becoming: confident, called, committed & courageous.

I’m not that person every day — like today, I’m struggling with the dragons of self-doubt and discouragement — but even in the midst of days like today, I remember the root work and the person God created me to be…

What root work will you allow God to do today?

— — —

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