How to Eradicate a Kitchen Faucet

Our kitchen faucet suffered from a worsening water drip for years. An embarrassingly significant stream of water appeared this year. We spend excessive time delicately readjusting the faucet position with every use. At times, we succeeded in exiting the kitchen before the drip reconverted to the wasteful drizzle running down the drain into the overfull septic.

A stream of plumbers declined to stop the drip. Most plumbing experts took a side glance at our weeping faucet and suggested we call Moen. Then each one patiently educated us to Moens’ lifetime replacement guarantee. We did research on the Moen website. We contemplated our predicament over many moons while the faucet continued dripped.

We learned the lifetime guarantee for Moen, is a not lifetime replacement for the faucet. The guarantee is the lifetime of the receipt. The one owner and builder of this home did put in quality faucets. He did not leave us the receipt to allow us the free replacement.

In an onset of urgency Hubby paid for the replacement part for the kitchen sink promised to stop the drip.

He instructed our son to replace the part and repair the faucet. The sink continued to drip.

With me safely out of town hubby decided to fix the faucet.

He took the faucet apart and poised to remove the part recommended for replacement.

Hubby banged, clanged and pulled. He doused the unit with acidic vinegar. The guts of the faucet did not come out with any trick he tried.

The guts corroded over six decades. We exercise respectful sensitivity to the elderly. It is understandable the innards would not be willing to relocate at such an advanced age.

Hubby called his brother. Bro is our strong man.

We believe Bro can fix anything. He grunted and pulled with all his might. With every trick Bro tried, he could not free the faucet innards.

Our son came in and put all his youthful strength into to the faucet. He stood on the kitchen counter and applied all his might. The corroded guts did not budge.

Some of me wishes I had taken pictures for you. But for sanity, thankfully, I was away for the festivities.

Epilogue: A Monday morning plumber took pity on us and we have a working, drip-free kitchen faucet.