How To Expand Your Creativity With 33 Simple Dots

My try for this week doing 33 dots

Janis Cox
Janis Cox
Aug 30, 2018 · 3 min read
Up — by Janis Cox — 33 Dots

When I first started the 33 dots I had no idea that others would like to follow it, too. Meg Konovska, who is quite an artist, produced a body of work around the 33 dots, a simple experiment which she had learned as a child from her father. Find out more about her illustrated art storybook and collection here.

The task for 33 Dots is simple:

  1. Put down 33 dots randomly on paper. If using watercolour use watercolour paper.
  2. Using a pencil join the dots without going over any other lines.
  3. Look at the form you have made. What is it? What can it be? Add lines and make your picture.
  4. Using a marker (I use a Micron Pen #5) outline the picture. Erase the pencil marks.
  5. Paint the picture.
  6. Study the picture and see what it says to you. As a Believer, I ask God to show me what my art means. Sometimes He gives me a scripture passage as well.

This is the progression of “Up”

The 33 dots joined together for an outline. Step number 2.

Now is the part where your imagination comes in.

What do you see? Turn it around. Decide what to draw.

Step number 4. Outline the picture.
Paint the picture — Step number 5

Now comes the contemplation part.

What does this picture mean to me? I took time to be quiet before God. I asked what He might be trying to tell me.

This is what I heard about “Up”’’:

Janis, I am sitting with you in the Pilot seat. You need to make choices. You need to move this helicopter — up. And up means going through some rough rides (see the storm in the sky above the helicopter?). But I will always be with you. The symbols represent the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in you. “And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age. (Matthew 28:20).”

Do you want to break free:

of the hold of the world?
of those comments spoken to you that make you angry or scared?
of those negative thoughts that pervade your being?

You can do it. If I can do it so can you.

I did not take art courses in school although I took some weekly courses at a college in the summer. But I have no professional training just a desire for colour, lines and shapes.

Expand yourself.

I even do Bible Art because I want to visually see where God is leading and what He is telling me.

Find out more about being in a growing Christian community:

Join me in trying 33 Dots. I have a few people who have tried it. If you have please tell me in the comments so I can keep a record. Link a post if you wrote about the 33 Dots.


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