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How Writing on Medium Has Given Me a Voice

Christina Hausauer
Aug 7 · 5 min read

This platform has been a major turning point in my life.

How brave are you when it comes to your writing? Are you afraid of how others will perceive you when it comes to telling your stories?

Medium has given me a gift that I am forever grateful for. It has given me the opportunity to share my stories, my experiences, and my VOICE. Through the use of this platform, I have been given bravery, boldness, and dare I say, fierceness. Not only that, but it has allowed me to see the bravado of fellow writers and learn from their inspirations.

Before Medium, I was scared to “write”. I was even more terrified to tell my stories. I was so worried about how others would see my words, and my thoughts, that I sat timidly at my keyboard, and tapped away and deleted everything I put on the screen.

Then, I began to read the work of others.

I was so excited to read the works of other abuse survivors, people who struggled with mental illnesses, like anxiety and depression, fellow writers with eating disorders and people who struggled and prevailed! It helped me to realize that I am not alone in this world, and that writing my stories could potentially help others.

So, I wrote. And I wrote and wrote and wrote.

It was as if other writers gave me the push and the permission I needed, in order to share my stories. Reading about the struggles and the celebrations of other Medium-ites has given me the comfort zone that I now am in, and I am beyond grateful.

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My Voice

I am not an everyday normal woman. I have been through abuse, I have struggled with mental illness and have a long, sorted history of eating disorders and other drama in my life. But, I am okay. I am a fighter with a strong heart, and I can take a lot. Some days, I don’t even realize how strong I can be when I need to be.

I love that I can share my voice and my stories with people who are interested in them. I love that I have found this voice inside of me that struggled for too many years, stifling, and hiding my pain. Being able to put my voice to words has empowered me beyond my own imagination, and Medium has been a catalyst for my own inner strength.

Enduring challenges in our life journeys is always accompanied with valuable lessons, and I feel privileged to be able to share those lessons as I learn them. It is a gift to be able to put words to our paths and lessons, in order to help others who struggle. This platform has made that possible.

One of the most significant issues, while you are in abusive relationships, is that you are never “heard”. Your voice never matters to the other people you share your life with, especially if you are being abused mentally, physically and sexually. Abusers never concern themselves with the opinions or feelings of their victims.

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Not Just a Blog

I dabbled in blogging for a few short weeks prior to joining Medium. Blogging is simply not for me. It seems hollow, as if I am yelling into a dark cave, in hopes that “someone” will hear my words. It is almost like a rehearsal, rather than the actual performance. (Maybe I am doing it wrong?)

Medium has become so much more than that, to me. It has become the actual extension to my voice, and I know people are hearing me. I see responses from other Medium-ers and it warms my heart, even if their replies aren’t always the kindest. At least I know I am being heard.

We all have the opportunity to treat this platform as a personal blog, and some writers do. I, however, find that expressing more creatively through stories, poetry, fiction and articles is much more therapeutic and dynamic. It is amazing that Medium allows us all the flexibility and foundations to be free with our creative choices.

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My Successes

When I first started, as a timid writer, I found fascination in the messages that others have “clapped” for me, or when I earned pennies on stories. I used to laugh at the tiny dollar value that Stripe deposited into my account from one month to the next.

Now, I set goals for myself. It is a fun challenge that only medium writers will understand. At first, it was “I would like to earn $50.00”. Over time, I mastered this goal and am now making at least a car payment on a monthly basis. It is such a blessing!

My new goal will be to make TWO car payments a month and see where that takes me. It would be wonderful to see growth in my Medium income, as I learn to stretch my voice further and reach more readers.

As a Medium writer, I implore all of you; BE BRAVE! Find your voice and speak loudly from your heart. Treat medium as a therapeutic catalyst to help you release your inner spirit. You never know who you may be helping but sharing your experiences, your journey and your lessons. We just never know who we can resonate with and help to make it through their own personal challenges.

Isn’t that why we all write?


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Christina Hausauer

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Early Childhood professional/Writer.Freelancer/Author/ Creative Rambler- AKA Marley Haus- Sometimes I write harsh truth. Sometimes I create tales. Its ALL ME


Discover the best up and coming writers. You'll say you knew them when.

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