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If You Sell it They Will Come, or Not.

A book called Man Fast is ranked as number 6 out of 100 bestsellers on Amazon’s Adventurer and Explorer biographies list. It has 3.5 stars and beat out several 4 and 5-star books in that list.

Now I have not read the book but I did look at the reviews. It seems at least 40% of readers determined it was average or even below average, but here it is ranking 6 on a best sellers list!

This made me think of something I was told several years ago. If you offer something people want and need, they will purchase it but the trick is to really know what people want and need.

Sure, Natasha Scripture, Man Fast’s author, would have most likely preferred to be ranked as number 1 but the point is, she made the list despite her lackluster reviews because she gave some readers exactly what they wanted or needed through her writing.

I’m not here to defend or minimize Ms. Scripture but rather to point out how finding a niche and catering to the needs in that niche can bring best selling results, regardless.

If you sell it they will come, but only if they want it, need it or have lives changed by it.

I’m not Tony Robbins or Marie Forleo. I haven’t been on Oprah and don’t charge thousands to speak to a group, but I know my niche market and I understand what they want and need and once you can deliver in that market, you can sell it and they will come.

That’s where the difference is. If you deliver what someone wants you meet a need. If you over-deliver you may even change a life. It’s not about quantity but rather quality.

Value trumps excess any day.

I often ask people what they are really selling because a service or product is only your prop. What you are really selling is the answer to Why. Why does someone want what you offer? Why does someone need what you have? Why will life be changed because of a connection with you?

We don’t sell jewelry, clothing, sports equipment, graphic design services, beauty products, coaching services, financial planning or apps. We sell what those products and services do; the results.

Even if your product or service is novel, intriguing and comes in a pretty little box wrapped with a sparkling little bow you won’t sell it.

Even if your product or service is eye-catching, exhilarating and amazing it may never take off.

Libby’s and Del Monte sell beans, all kinds of beans. Beans are not life-changing, but people still want and need beans. Do you know how I know this? Because those companies and others like them continue to put their cans of vegetables on shelves because people still want them. When the demand for canned beans becomes extinct, the shelves won’t hold them anymore.

When sales plummet and demand is diminished, products and services once desired, evaporate and get relegated to the “where can I find it” lists. Milk delivery is no longer a typical service. BlockBuster video is obsolete and black and white television is gone even in under-developed nations.

Services like bowling pinsetter and switchboard operator are no longer necessary and selling encyclopedias door to door is long gone.

Changing the way we get those products and services is not just the result of technology but the result of someone figuring out a better way to reinvent the proverbial wheel.

So, if you sell it, they will come, or not, depending not so much on what you sell (there are lots of different brands of beans on the shelves) but on how you meet the need, solve the problem or change the life.

If you are an entrepreneur or already a business owner, you must ask yourself if you have prepared the best product or service to meet the needs of your market. You don’t need to have 100%, 90% or even 50% of the market. You need to HAVE a market and if you are not sure how to find yours, nothing you sell will sell.

If you sell it they will come. If they want it, need it, know their life will be changed by it. Whether it’s beans, coaching or travel planning; dog grooming, cupcakes or voice lessons.

Whether you are a magician or a physician, stock boy or stockbroker, demand has to be there. Not 100% and not even 50% but enough to put you on a list that says what you have is what they want. You can grow from there.

What really makes a best-seller? Readers, fans, customers, clients and someone who wants what you have.

Sell products and services and you will be forever competing in a wild market.

Sell results and you will always be on someone’s list.

Kathy Brunner is an Entrepreneur and Business Coach who helps people create work that not only changes how they make a living, but how they live their life.



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