I’m Grateful for My 1st Podcast!

Today’s Non-stop Gratitude is for my 1st Podcast

Is it even okay to be grateful to yourself? I think so. I support your being grateful to yourself for things you do. I also support the proper use of gerunds. Today, I am grateful to myself (and a few others) because I’m finally launching a podcast today!

Beer Thursday starts today!

I try to keep my gratitude posts as specific as possible, but this time I owe gratitude to a few people:

  • Jay
  • My wife
  • Pat Flynn
  • Me

Links the Podcast

Before I lose you by gushing my thanks to the above-mentioned folks, let me first give you the links to listen to and subscribe to Beer Thursday.


If you have an Apple device and use the Apple Podcast app, just follow that link right there.


If you use the Stitcher app, this link will make your dreams come true! Assuming you also dream of someday me having a podcast.

Google Play

If Google Play is your podcast way, then follow this link right here.

That’s the important part. Go have a listen. Subscribe.

Please Subscribe.

I’m not used to begging, but I’m begging. A lot of subscribers today will really help us out.

Please leave us a review.

Especially if it’s good! Lots of good reviews help us rank higher on Apple’s New and Noteworthy. It also helps others who see the podcasts realize, “Yes. I will enjoy Beer Thursday. I too will subscribe.”


You know Jay. I texted him before leaving for my 2010 trip to Spain.

Because of Jay, I don’t have to go to comedy clubs.

I probably would have kept procrastinating if Jay hadn’t agreed to co-host with me.

And if he hadn’t kept asking me when Beer Thursday would be released.

Jay and I hope to soon add our friends Jay and Darren to the show. They have always been a part of Beer Thursday. They’ve just had a busy few…weeks.

And I didn’t know how to record more than two people.

My Wife

My wife supports every stupid idea I have.

Somebody should tell her to stop. Probably me. But nah.

When I asked her, “Love of my life, can I spend almost $700 on a podcasting class?”

She said yes.

It wasn’t just a yes, but an enthusiastic yes.

Then she asked me what a podcast is.

Just kidding. She knew what I podcast is.

I’m just glad she doesn’t know how much time I spend on Medium.

She supports me without fail. I would say that one of these days I’m going to approach her with a really zany and ridiculous idea, but too late.

Pat Flynn

It doesn’t look like Pat Flynn is very active on Medium, but I’m tagging him anyway.

Hi, Pat! Are you ever on Medium? Please don’t tell my wife you saw me here.

His Power-Up Podcasting Course is great. It’s so good that even I’m publishing a podcast. If you are interested in starting a podcast, definitely enroll in Power-Up Podcasting.

That’s not an affiliate link, so tell Pat who sent you.


You know him too. I’m going to tag him.

Shayne Seymour.

I just totally tagged myself! I didn’t even know it was possible.

Shayne Seymour paid big bucks for that class.

Shayne badgered and badgered and badgered Jay until he finally agreed to meet and record a few episodes. That’s three badgereds, so you know I’m serious. I mean, he’s serious.

Shayne sat at the computer, edited sound files and music files, created and tweaked artwork, tried out sound hosts, wrote show notes, edited blog posts, signed up for podcast providers and… basically clicked lots and lots of buttons.

I set it all up. Now all I have to do is publish the posts.

I Did the Work

I went through the steps. I did the work. My wife, Jay and I knew from the beginning…what Seth Godin says:

This might not work.

This plane may not fly. This boat might not float.

It doesn’t matter. I did the work, and now I click Publish.

That makes me very happy.

I enjoyed the work. The work made me happy.

Now I have all this gratitude to give. Gratitude makes us happy.

And what if it works?

Calls to Action

Subscribe and leave a review!



Google Play


My wife, Jay, and I will be so grateful!

Other Calls to Action

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