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I’m not one who celebrates love

Photo by Alvin Mahmudov

Here’s a note from me to you my darling
For the love of another is something we all seek
But I stopped my seeking and searching for meaning
I lost hope and faith in love and humanity
You came along my beloved
You became a friend and someone I could talk to without judgement
Like a music box I opened up to you and you understood the music of my heart
Slowly each day became better
I looked forward to each sunrise
Just to hear the sound of your voice

I see you in my dreams and my nightmares have been replaced
I am no longer afraid for you pour strength into me
Amongst the billions of humans; only you can sing the song in my heart
Your love is like a river ever flowing into me

I remembered my conversation with you
For you lend your hands to me and supported me
I said to you;
I think I'm broken
I think I'm flawed
I feel I'm better off alone
How can I make you happy?
I feel unworthy of you.

Then you said;
To someone you’ll always be unworthy but not to me.
Everyone is a villian in someone else’s story.
For you make me happy and my heart flutters at the sound of your voice.
What makes you think I’m any better?
What makes you feel I’m worthy of your love?
For I’m as broken as you are.
I’m as flawed as you are.
I choose to give my heart to you
So don’t sell yourself short.
I love you just as you are.

There I was stupefied.
Words evaporated from my lips
For no one has ever held me like you did
I’m not one to mince words for I’m too petty for that
So don’t think I flatter you when I say you mean the world to me
For in truth you do and the void within me is filled
You’re a friend like no other
A lover like I never imagined

I didn’t know what your presence would mean
I’ve always heard your voice
But never beheld you
And then I got to behold you
Shaking in my sandals like my feet were on ice
But your aura covered me
Your gaily movements and smile consumed me
I got to admire u afresh and fall for u anew.
I love how your eyes shimmer when you look at me
I love how you pull me to yourself
I love the sound of your laughter and best of all I love you.

I’m not one who celebrates love
For the only love I know is familial
I’ve never received gifts during a celebration or gifts that wasn’t meant to manipulate my decision
I learned to take myself for treats and buy myself gifts for no one would do this for me
I learned to be all I needed and all I wanted
I relied on no one and sought nothing from another
But now I’ve received a gift of hearts which is the most precious of all.

In a world so lacking in the purity of love
I'm grateful I got me someone who speaks the language of my soul
I'm damn lucky to have you
Anywhere is better with you in it.
I see you looking so good
Smiling with the sun shining on your face
And here I am saying, "there she is, my diamond".



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