Is God Mean?

Photo by M W via pixabay (CC0)

Every Friday night, our family celebrates with pizza and a movie. It’s a relaxing way to end the week, spend time together, and enjoy a good movie. Personally, I love comedy movies and have a small collection of favourites.

In my top 10 is the movie Bruce Almighty. This movie takes a look at our relationship with God with a comedic spin. Jim Carrey plays the lead, Bruce Nolan, who is discontented with almost everything in life. At the end of the worst day in his life, Bruce angrily rages against God and accuses God of being a mean kid with a magnifying glass while Bruce is just an ant.

I laughed out loud at this point in the movie as at times I, too, have felt like that. Sometimes I thought God was toying with me and even teasing me. I would feel angry, betrayed and hurt by what I thought was His way of playing with me.

I realize that nothing could be further from the truth! In the Bible study, Experiencing God, Henry Blackaby writes,

“In the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, God forever convinced me that He loved me. The cross, the death of Jesus Christ, and His resurrection are God’s final, total and complete expression that He loves us.”

I realize that God created me for a love relationship, and every dealing He has with me is an expression of His love for me.

It’s insulting to God for me to think that He is mean and teasing when He truly loves me.

I can look back throughout my own experiences where I didn’t get my way and so accused God of not loving me. But now I see that His love for me didn’t change — He was just expressing it differently than what I wanted at the time.

I can rest in the knowledge that God does love me. He gave His only Son as an expression of this love. I will not doubt His love ever again.

Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends (John 15:13 NIV).