It’s Never Too Late to Do What You Love

The courage to do what you love is within you, you just have to reach in and grab it.

George J. Ziogas
Jan 18 · 5 min read
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If the last year has taught us anything, it’s that the world can change on a dime. Your entire life can be turned upside down through external forces of which you have no control. When was the last time you grabbed life by the reins?

Think about it like this. There’s a good chance that you followed the path as it was laid out before you. You applied for colleges when you were just 16, 17 years old. You made big decisions about your future life before your brain was fully formed (that doesn’t happen until you’re 25, by the way).

How could you possibly know what you want to do, who you want to be, and where you want to go for the rest of your life when you’re a young teenager? Then you headed to college, 18 years of age, and graduated. All of which happened before your brain was fully formed. All before your rational brain had a chance to develop fully.

So, if that’s the position you find yourself in now, it’s important to let you know that no matter what you’ve done before, no matter what your plans or ideas were before, it’s never too late to do what you love.

You’re the only person prohibiting your personal growth. It might be down to a touch of laziness or you’ve settled into your comfort zone. It might be due to your fear of failure.

It doesn’t really matter why you’re prohibiting your personal growth, what matters is that you’re prepared to recognize your role in your life.

When you do what you love, it defines you. It empowers you. It strengthens you. It turns you into a person who can make your own path and do so freely, completely fulfilled.

That’s not a secret. Yet, we still hesitate to find a way to do what we love. We allow work to get in the way, we let family obligations serve as a valid excuse, and we even let routine stand in our path. All of this leads back to you — your desire to make excuses to avoid serving your inner desires. You make yourself a martyr to your own cause.

You have to find the right balance. You have to give yourself to the people you love, you have to focus on work, but you can’t let your own wishes to fade to black. This is precisely what you’re doing when you don’t make time to do the thing you love.

It isn’t too late.

You have the chance to, step by step, little by little, break away from the inauthentic aspects of your identity you’ve been living.

In your life thus far, have you ever reached a point where: you desperately wanted to make a change to something in your life, but someone close to you wrote you off as being too old? You let that convince you.

The person who told you this didn’t have the right to do so. The only person who does have the right to tell you what you should or shouldn’t, must or mustn’t do is you. You can seek advice from those closest to you, you can hear their words patiently, you can listen with respect, but ultimately, the final decision is in your hands and your hands alone.

When it comes right down to it if there’s something you want to do and you think it’s too late… the best age to do what you love is the age you are right now.

I can recall a friend of mine heading off to the police academy at 22 years old and he was in the same classes as his father, a man of 50 who finally decided to do what he wanted to do. What that highlights is more than just oh, a man of 50 can be healthy enough and sharp enough to become a police officer. It goes much further than that.

A man of 50 was courageous enough to do what he wanted to do and he was humble enough to start over, even though his own son was on the same level as him. That would have been enough to put a lot of people off, but not him. He didn’t make excuses. He didn’t let anything get in the way of pursuing his dream career.

I can understand why you’re hesitant to pursue doing what you love, but what’s worse?

The temporary discomfort that you may feel by taking the courageous step to humble yourself?

Or, reaching old age and thinking about how many years you wasted by not doing what you truly wanted to do?

Temporary discomfort or the knowledge that you’re leaving with a life unlived?

At every stage of life, there are different experiences that we go through and new characteristics we discover or develop. There’s no doubt about it — forget the nonsense saying about a leopard not changing its spots. We all change. With that experience in life, with that experience of yourself, you’re in a better position to make decisions and direct your path now. You might not be as spry as you once were, but you have wisdom.

As you move forward in doing what you love, you will experience pushback. Think of it as a social wall. It’s simply anyone who dismisses your ideas, the limiting thoughts you think, prejudice, anchors, it’s all noise. It isn’t personal.

The most likely reason someone puts up walls to your success is that: a) they’re worried about you and b) they’re worried you’ll outgrow them and they just don’t want to lose you. Remember that as you hear their opinions. If, however, they directly attack your self-esteem, you may want to question the validity of your ties.

It’s never too late to do what you love and you can do what you love without causing pain for others. Provided your actions cause no harm to those you love, there’s no reason you shouldn’t pursue it.

Remember this. There can be unintended and undesired consequences even from the smallest of actions. You can’t quit your job, sell your home, and use your savings to travel the world when you have a family at home. There’s more to figure out before you can attempt that. You can still find a way to incorporate more travel in your life and include your family, though. That’s the balance.

It doesn’t have to be complicated.

Take heart, dear reader, the courage to do what you love is within you, you just have to reach in and grab it. It’s never too late to find your happiness. It’s never too late to build new skills. It’s never too late to start a new career. It’s never too late to fall in love.

It’s never too late.

If you have courage on your side. If you have optimism on your side. If your health is on your side, then nobody and nothing can limit your success.


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