Keep Crazy People Close

They know how it feels being alive.

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

Ordinary people believe in the possible. Extraordinary people visualize the impossible and make it happen.

“The biggest challenge is to be yourself in a world that is trying to make you like everyone else.”

I love crazy people, rebels and misfits.

They have contagious enthusiasm and passion for the things they do in their DNA. They have a vision and determination. They never give up. Rules are there to be learned and adjusted if needed.

They have an amazing talent to think “out of the box” and challenge the norm. Most of them come up with innovations or different ways how to do something. They think differently and like kids, they use their imaginations to invent something completely new.

When setting up the goals for themselves, they never say “what if”. There is no plan B because plan A will work and they are sure about it. Normal people are usually concerned by failures and fear stops them from succeeding.

Crazy people are authentic. They don’t care about playing any games. I think that sometimes they have all the energy in the world. The passion drives them forward.

“To other people, crazies may seem like highly resourceful people, which is true. But a deeper truth is that they are just people who take action to solve a problem they can no longer ignore.”

Their unusual minds help them view the world from a different perspective. Crazy people have the ability to recognize other crazies. They are drawn to inventions and ideas. They enjoy challenging each other.

Like kids, they are constantly asking why.

A curious mind is a gift and it often makes them obsessed with solving certain problems.

“While normal people see defined lines and segregate people into labels of race, religion, gender, career specialization or sexual orientation, crazies only see heart and passion.”

By not labelling, they are able to surround themselves with an extremely diverse group of talent and unlock the human potential and ability for action.

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