Know How Create, Share And File Will Make You More Productive

If you read the original How A Friendly Elephant Can Help You Be More Productive?

Or, you might have read the more recent The Elephant That Will Not Forget To Boost Your Productivity then you will understand Evernote is a friendly elephant who wants to help you increase productivity.

He wants you to be productive and effective in your use of time.

As a result, you will have more quality time to spend doing the activities you love.

Beginning of Evernote

In 2007, Evernote began and they launched the first Evernote service in 2008. The inspiration behind Evernote from the beginning was ‘keeping simplicity’.

Similar to other start-up companies, they experienced both great growth and a few difficult days. Jump to 2015, and the main Evernote product had 150 million registered users.

Presently, that figure is closer to 200 million.

Despite Evernote having so many people active using the product, in 2015 our little elephant nearly died. Rumour was, there were too many active projects being worked on connected with Evernote.

So much so, the little fella himself was stagnant, he wasn’t growing, he wasn’t being used to his full capabilities.

However, the recent signs show the transition period Evernote went through in 2015 has steadied the animal. Thus, we are seeing great updates to the product arriving on a regular basis.

These updates cover Windows, Mac, Android and IOS operating systems. Good news is, Evernote is here to stay and will continue to help us increase productivity.

With this in mind, I wanted to share with you the 4 Evernote packages on offer. They offer a 4 tier pricing system. If you are interested in downloading the FREE version of Evernote for Windows or Mac, please use this link here.

The link will show you 3 other excellent available upgrades and provide a comparison of each.

However, if you are unsure which package is the best one for you or your family, team or company, please contact me.

As an Evernote Community Leader, it will make me happy to answer your questions and guide you through the choosing process. What I am offering is a FREE consultation, so please make the most of it.

In order to increase productivity using this fantastic productivity tool, we need to know what are its capabilities and how can it help us?

Therefore, in today’s post, I want to go a little deeper into Evernote and share with you the three main powerful capabilities of Evernote.

Create, Share and File.

Create With Evernote

The first thing to remember, creating notes is the core part of Evernote.

Those notes could be a shopping list, to-do list, bucket list, homework, designs for your renovation, your speech notes for an important meeting.

Evernote allows you to create those notes at home using the desktop version of the program or whilst you’re on the go using smartphones and tablets.

Similarly, you can create notes whilst offline; later when you connect to your data provider or Wi-Fi the notes will synchronise and safely backed up in your database.

In addition, please note: If you are using the FREE version of Evernote, you cannot read, share or edit your notes whilst offline. That is an option only available to users with the Plus, Premium and Business version.

Not to worry, you can still CREATE your new notes and notebooks whilst offline. Later on, you will be able to synchronise those notes on all devices.

Share With Evernote

With attention to sharing, Evernote has the power to allow you to share any note or notebook you have created with anyone else who has Evernote.

First, you can do this by using Work Chat, an internal tool. This allows you to chat with other Evernote users and share notes and notebooks with them.

Second, you can email your note to anyone else. This is an excellent choice if the recipient isn’t an Evernote user.

It’s amazing this option is available to every user of Evernote, even those who are using the free version.

Another key point is Evernote gives you the ability to share a simple note:

In addition, you can even allow the recipient to edit the note themselves. Any changes are immediately synchronised on both person devices.

This tool is great for personal use, with your friends and family. It’s a great help if you are working on a project with a classmate for school or your work colleagues.

It’s simplicity, speed and capacity will increase productivity in all your projects.

File With Evernote

In spite of our best efforts, our filing system is the part of our productivity life which causes the most chaos. Am I right?

On the positive side, creating the pieces of paper or amassing the reference material is the easiest part. Sharing the notes with others is the most natural part.

The boring bit is the filing away and keeping on top of it. In reality, filing these pieces of paper and reference materials is easier with Evernote.

Evernote not only allows you to create notes and put them inside virtual notebooks but also create a stack of notebooks.

If you have a number of different notebooks similar to each other, then you can file them into a master notebook stack.

Of course, if your productivity system works off the “Getting Things Done” method; you will know your filing system is one of the key fundamentals for it to run smooth.

Although true, how many of us own a filing cabinet?

If we did where would you fit it in the house? If we live in a studio apartment, small flat, house then a filing cabinet is the last thing we want. I’m sure you’ll agree, they don’t look that nice stuck in the corner.

Evernote is your answer.

First, you create a notebook that has the title “Filing Cabinet” This will be the main notebook, in the stack of notebooks you will create.

Second, file each notebook into the master stack which will file it for you in alphabetical order.

How, you ask, do I get the piece of paper from my desk, or kitchen table into a virtual filing cabinet on my laptop or mobile device?

That’s a great question which deserves an answer now and a tutorial later.

The answer is, you scan it using a scanner. Most printers these days double up as a scanner and printer. You may even have a photocopier thrown in for good measure.

If you don’t have a portable scanner, you can use your mobile device to scan the document. Evernote has produced an application called Scannable which helps towards a sustainable paperless office, kitchen, home, wherever.

Using Evernote like a filing cabinet will increase productivity, it will help you know where things are quick. No more wasting time trying to find things left in piles on your desk or in a drawer.

How to Increase Productivity With Evernote

By all means, consider the 4 different versions Evernote offers. Click here to download the free version of Evernote. You can always upgrade later when you find out for yourself how much this friendly elephant can help you.

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In the event you fit that description, ping me an email with your questions and concerns and I’ll see how I can help you. It’s a FREE service, and I’ll be happy to help you increase productivity.

Over the next few weeks and months, I’ll add tutorials with screen shots to walk you through the basics and more advanced capabilities of Evernote. Afterwards, in your own time, you can master Evernote which in turn will help you increase productivity in your daily life and join over 100 million users who love and use this tool daily.

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Originally published at on May 11, 2017.