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Living as a Stranger On Earth

Photo by Brennan Martinez

How many observe Christ’s birthday! How few, His precepts — Benjamin Franklin

I come from a land far away
A land where there are no subjects
A land of Kings and Kings

I am a seed of creation crafted by the Creator
A being that slowly formed in my mother's womb
The time to which I'd be born into, the place of my birth, the civilization and who my parents will be were all taken into consideration by the Creator
I'm a being on a mission sent to deliver a message

I entered into the Earth realm as an infant
Slowly I grew
Playing by the dirt, eating and sleeping
I went to school like my fellowmen
Received indoctrination like my fellowmen
And struggled to pass exams based on how well I could remember the doctrine being fed to me

Slowly I got immersed into Earth's culture
I forgot whence I came from and that I'm a King
I forgot I'm a stranger here
I forgot I'm here to play my role in the manifestation of the Kingdom of the King of Kings

Mass media has sold cultures of depravity, soulishness and syncretism
Everywhere I turned to this was all I saw and it slowly became all I knew
I am a man of flesh after all
It’s what you feed that grows
And my flesh had been fattened up
I became liberal accepting every indoctrination sold to me
Little by little all vice turned normal
I didn’t condemn any vice after all everyone was doing it
Anyone with an ounce of virtue is weird
But within me something longed for that boldness which they had.
I was trying to fit in. To be seen as "one of them".
A conformist. Receiving praise for conformity instead of standing out.
The world had slowly gone gaga.
Everything revolved around money, sex and drugs.
Everyone has gone mad.
Everyone is insane.
Those who hide behind the scenes are slowly taking over.
It’s in their plans to bring society to absolute lawlessness.
The Shadowmen whose allegiance is to Mammon seeks to bring all men one way or another in subservience to Mammon

No more will I become a conformist
I know the agenda
I am not of Babylon
I watch as the world go up in flames trying to connect to that far away land from whence anything is possible.
So I went to the Temple of Yahweh; to sit and pray
I seek to make amends; to retrace my steps
I choose to make all the right decisions
It's a battle and many are in opposition
I ask for wisdom and the grace to be still as to hear you Lord
There's a peace that can only be felt in the King's presence
The King was no longer Faraway. He was with me all along drawing me to Him. Only now I knew

Christ is the sun. I am the light
He is the vine. I am the branch
He is the ocean. I am the wave.
I have come to understand that I am like a fish swimming in an ocean of God's presence.
So I seek direction. I seek to go up higher. To stay woke as to my true identity in Christ. To be part of the remnants whose aim is to see your Kingdom come.



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