Maybe Yes, Maybe No, Maybe Just Maybe

The Sentence That’s Said to Define Libras

Sarah Nderi
Nov 26, 2019 · 3 min read

The first time I came across the term astrologer was in the Good News Bible. Created to cater to students and an easy to read and understand the Bible, it had a picture of what God would do to them: cast them down from the heavens. Or something similar.

My 10-year old brain then decided that it wasn’t something I’d be caught doing. Reading the stars, I decided wasn’t a preferable life career.

Over the years, I’d learn that I’m a Libra, learn the characteristics of Libras and see that they indeed described my temperament more than I could describe.

Photo by DDP on Unsplash

If we knew what would happen in the next 6 years, we’d avoid the mistakes. We’d make moves with zero mistakes, save ourselves heartbreak, date and marry the right person.

We read tarot cards so we can learn what’s coming in the week or the next month, to protect ourselves from uncertainty. We read out love horoscopes to figure out if he’s going to ask us out for our dates or if she’s going to say yes to the proposal. We want to know the right time to travel or to make business moves.

The relationship you’re worried about and reading tarot cards on might not be the one that lasts till old age. As Solomon said, he who watches the wind will not sow. You won’t sow or reap if you’re constantly avoiding potholes by wanting to know the future.

Believers can get stuck in one problem as we wait for God to speak, so we can move. Here’s the thing: you cast the nets, and then God tells you when to pull. Sometimes we have to stay, but go time is really go time.

If you never cast the nets, sowed the seeds and instead sat down to watch for the timing; then expect nothing Sally. No matter what the tarot card says.

Having insight into how the future will be isn’t. This too depends on Faith and might sound really woo to some. We want to know if we should apply for masters or find another job next year. If we knew how our lives would be in 2020, some of us would stop living. We’d start designing the life foretold then, or worry to death if 2020 seems less than enjoyable.

Do tarot cards and astrology really matter? Chances are, if you have not put the effort into a relationship, it won’t work, no matter what the card says. If he’s a douche today, he’ll still be one tomorrow, even though the card says otherwise.

Later on, I understood that the Bible said we steer clear of star readers not because it’s sinful, but because it draws us away from the creator to the creation.

Have you read cards or astrology signs and what do you think about them?


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