Writing: My 3 Step Process for Getting Started

Sometimes getting started is the hardest part of writing.

I’ve participated in a few writing challenges where the goal is to complete a certain number of words per month. Writing something everyday is key for me to be able to reach goals like this.

Sometimes because I feel I NEED to write, it is incredibly hard for me to get started. I stare at my computer screen or notebook page and my mind, usually full of ideas, goes blank.

Here are a few ways I’ve found to get over that deer in the headlights feeling and get started writing something on the page.

Journal First

When I spend 10–15 minutes writing in a journal before I get started on other writing projects I find that the words start to flow. Maybe it’s because there is no pressure for the writing to be on any particular topic. It also gets distracting thoughts out of my head about my goals, frustrations, and other projects. I have found this is a great way to get started writing each day.

I follow Hal Elrod’s Miracle Morning Routine and have found the journaling portion of the routine especially helpful when writing.

Leave a Starting Point for the Next Day

I don’t remember where I read this tip, but it has helped me so much since I started to use it. At the end of writing for the day I make a note of what the next logical thing to write will be when I get restarted.

Every time I do it, it feels a little silly. Of course this is what comes next! But when I don’t write it down I end up having a harder time getting restarted the next day.

Just a couple words about what to write next seems to get me back in productive writing mode a lot quicker than relying on my memory.

Read Something Inspiring

I have a very different writing voice than Jeff Goins but there is just something about reading his writing that gets me in the mood for getting words down on the page.

When I feel stuck and like I don’t have a thing to say I will often read one of his blog posts and try again. There maybe someone totally different that inspires you to write. I encourage you to follow blogs and read books about the writing process and see if there are any writers who help you get inspired to write if you’re feeling stuck.

What get’s you started writing each day?

Christine Goodner is a music teacher, writer, business owner and mom from Oregon. Her first book Beyond the Music Lesson: Habits of Successful Suzuki Families was published in June 2017.

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