My Co-Founder is Removed, but I Didn’t Do It

And, I want him back

I felt her absence. It was like waking up one day with no teeth in your mouth.― James Dashner


Removed with no notice.

If “she” was a “he” you’d know how I felt this morning.

No kidding, I woke up this morning and Clay Akers, my husband, had been removed from the publication, but I didn’t do it, and he didn’t do it.

There’s only one other person who could have done it, and she didn’t do it either.

Are you snickering?

I’m so glad you can enjoy a chuckle.

But, I am not laughing. My heartbeat is rising quickly.

There are nearly forty stories in the queue, and that’s just overnight because that’s our volume these days. Medium confirms our volume of stories and numbers to rival some of the biggest publications around this awesome platform.

This doesn’t make sense. Clay was just publishing stories with me yesterday morning and last night. Where did he go?

Simple solutions

No problem whatsoever. I’ll just add him back.

→Homepage and settings


→Add Clay Akers

He’ll be back in a jiffy and these stories will be up in no time.

But, he’s not there.

“What do you mean I’m not there?” Clay asks?

“I mean, you’re not there. I can’t see your profile”.

“What did you do? Write a story someone complained about and reported? Is your profile temporarily locked?” I tease.


“I can see my profile. Why can’t you?”, he wonders.

His profile is alive and well. No worries there, but each time I look there’s a 404 error and I can’t add him back.

We each clear cache and double check by using incognito windows. Same result.

“I guess you’re on your own today”.

To Medium Support, we go.


To our Dear Friends at Medium:

We’re co-founders on this kicking publication over here and for some unknown reason, one of the co-founders is missing this morning. Furthermore, I get a 404 error each time I try to view his profile. He didn’t remove himself and I didn’t remove him either. I am actually distressed by his absence. Can you please help free his profile so I can add Clay Akers back with haste?

We both send similar messages at the same time hoping someone will cross-reference our efforts.

How in the world does this happen?

Glitch and writing prompt

It’s just a Medium-sized glitch, but it can really change a day.

Ever had a small glitch that’s a game-changer for your day? Maybe it’s on this platform. Perhaps your claps are gone, or your story won’t go, or any number of other things.

Maybe it’s a glitch in life.

What’s your glitch and how do you overcome it?

Use your best storytelling quality to write the story and publish it with Publishous and PublishousNOW.

P.S. This was yesterday. Clay Akers is back today. Isn’t this worth applauding?