My Cup Can’t Overfloweth

A lesson in you can’t give what you don’t have

Photo by Izzy Rivi on Unsplash

I was thinking last night about what a busy weekend I had.

School sports pictures, soccer game, hoco dress shopping, new running shoe shopping, grocery shopping, cleaning, cooking, cake decorating . . . Sunday Dinner Fiesta!

At one point I was so tired and pissed off because my family can’t seem to read my mind. I needed help, didn’t have the time or effort to make a sentence that would be coherent enough for them to respond.

My cup was empty by serving and was filling back up with anger, resentment and bad vibes.

Being Spent is NOT my Vision

I have a vision for my life AND it is not feeling spent, exhausted and cranky. Being tired by 2 in the afternoon because I’ve been in the car since 6 am. Doing everything for everybody without taking time to eat or pee. My life is like a 14-hour ride on the bullet train to Tokyo without any stops.

My vision . . . is big. I want to feel love, vibrant, alive, joy, peace, contentment every day. I don’t think that is too much to ask (I may be a slightly over the top here).

What came to me this weekend was in order for me to give love, joy, peace, blah, blah, blah, I need to first fill my own cup with what jives with my vision.

Somewhere along the way in life, or maybe it was never there, I stopped filling my cup enough. It would be impossible for me to give freely, abundantly, if I can’t get out of this cycle of deprivation.

Now What?

HA! I write that a lot. Now what? If the solution to my problem is to fill my cup to overflowing how can I do that? How long will it take?

Usually, when I work through these types of personal dilemmas I try to think of a realistic time frame. Take my weight loss goal. I want to lose 100 pounds for realz this time. I took a long look at what I had to do and what was a reasonable timeframe to lose this 100 pounds. (I wonder if every time I couldn’t fill my cup, did I gain a pound?)

Now that I realized that this is a real thing I have begun to take notice and create an awareness (Monday’s precept) about how I fill my cup. This is part of my vision. I want to be able to be transparent with myself and live a truthful, honest, clear/clean life.

What about you?

Are you able to stay in a state of abundance?

How do you fill your cup?

Curious if I’ll keep losing weight and reach my goal? (Hint: I’m down 4 pounds.) Wondering what the 2nd precept might be?

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