Ode to January

A Sonnet

Photo by freestocks-org-188096-unsplash
January, you inspire me to write
How I love the way you anticipate
Invading my mind through the dark days and long nights
Always dreaming about new beginnings…

Let me compare your steadfast dark times
With a frosty fiery sleepy head
Your low soundless sky — heavy and intense
In which I blow my thick steamy breath

January, you have this mystical sense
Silver angels forming in the snow
Knowing that beyond the dreamy mist
Earth’s magical prospect still exists

January’s promise unfolds just for you
The possibilities of simple resolution
To make things better before the year’s through
Bringing new Hope for Souls’ rejuvenation

How do I love you? Let me count the ways
I love your rebirth, the ultimate emptiness
My love for you is the awakened expectation
Your wild nature, unpredictable, filling my days

Oh, how you challenge me, January
Deep regret perfected by winterset
Now I take of, follow this years’ endeavor of my heart
Remember my dense words whilst we’re apart
Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash