Of Course, You Feel Awful

The system wants you to feel that way.

Alix A.


Photo by Photoholgic on Unsplash

Be productive.
Lose weight.
Eat healthy.
Have more cravings.
So you need more money.
And work more.

Live with your eyes closed.

Yes, you feel terrible, and I understand that. It’s hard to feel good in such a world. I can only talk about France because that’s where I live, but it’s probably pretty much the same in most countries.

The system is intolerable to me. I don’t know how my perspective on that was built. Maybe being rejected throughout my adolescence, and therefore relegated to a parallel place outside of society, I could observe it as much as I wanted.

I gradually got out of the system as much as I could. While keeping certain aspects. Because I live in an apartment, I pay taxes; I have a car, a mortgage, and clients for whom I work.

But I am distancing myself from it, little by little, because the way the world lives, and what it trends toward, does not suit me. I don’t recognize myself in it.

Do you?

How do you feel amidst…



Alix A.

I write about feeling good in one's body and mind.