Should You Give up on Creating Motivational Content?

Don’t be afraid to switch things up when it comes to content creation.

Ryan Justin
Sep 1, 2020 · 5 min read
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We are drowning in a sea of motivational content.

Everywhere you look it’s an inspirational quote here, positive reinforcement there; social media is packed full of the stuff.

Instagram pages dedicated to spouting the same handful of excerpts from geniuses past and present.

Thousands of YouTube videos, blog posts and web articles sharing the same old message, only presented in a slightly different way — and I should know, I’ve written quite a few of said pieces myself.

But when is enough, enough?

When is it time to move forward in search of a new message to share?

To step outside of your comfort zone, explore unfamiliar territories, and return to your audience with a fresh story to tell.

Creating Motivational Content

Creating motivational content is fun, there’s no denying it.

Knowing that the words you have written or the videos you have produced have the potential to change someone's life for the better, you can’t help but feel great after putting something like that out into the world.

Creating motivational content can also become monotonous.

There are only so many ways you can tell people to never give up, keep a positive mindset, put in the work, and have belief in themselves before you start to repeat yourself.

Which eventually leads to you feeling unfulfilled with the creation process — which is the best part in my opinion — and you may even lose followers as a result of it as they can already predict what you’re gonna say from the get-go, thus don’t even bother tuning in to your content anymore.

It’s Time To Switch Things Up

New experiences produce new content ideas.

So, what other options are there should you decide to switch things up?

Well, that all depends on the type of content you’re used to creating, i.e written, visual, or audio.

If your go-to is writing for example, you could try one of the following:

  • Write an opinion piecepick a topic, a world event for example — there should be no shortage of ideas here given the way 2020 has been going — or perhaps choose something going on in your local area and share your thoughts on the matter. (Keep in mind that in choosing a story close to home there’s always the possibility of your content going viral within your community, being shared in the local newspaper or talked about on radio shows.)
  • Share a real-life experienceyou could create a piece on something exciting or unusual that has happened in your life. There is nothing more authentic than sharing a real-life experience with your audience, you can take them on a journey that they may never have the chance to discover for themselves.
  • Write about your hobbies & interestsas human beings we all have unique preferences. Why not share some of yours with your audience. Talk them through some of your peculiar hobbies and interests — though it's usually best to keep it PG13, no need to share the full extents of your internet browser cookies, (if you know what I mean).
  • Experiment with various genres of writingthere are many styles and genres of writing available for you to drip your toe in to. Why not try writing a short story, some flash fiction or try your hand at a poem. There are lessons to be learned from all forms of writing, who knows what you might discover?

Now, let’s say writing isn’t your thing and you much prefer to produce visual or audio content.

Well, as you may have already noticed, most of the above suggestions can be applied to visual/audio platforms.

But there are other options for you to explore:

  • Interviewsalthough convincing a high-profile celebrity to sit down and have a chat with you about their life may be a little far-fetched, there is no harm in reaching out via social media and chancing your arm, you never know, they may say yes. As a back-up, look to your local community for the unsung heroes and help them to spread their message, you never know where something like that could lead to.
  • Vlog sharing your day to day routines with your audience could be an interesting path to take. Of course, if all you do is sit at home all day and drink cups of tea it may not appeal to everyone but then again you never know which rabbit hole you could find yourself down once you start sharing your own personal experiences and interests.
  • Live streaming this one is great for all you gamers out there. The gaming world is a multi-billion-dollar industry and there are many of gamers making a pretty penny through streaming their playtime live. Something to think about perhaps?

Don’t Be Afraid To Try New Things

Many people get caught up in the game of collecting followers, likes and shares.

Creating motivational content is known to attract the numbers, which is why there is so much of it, but unless you’re a stand-out personality, the likes of Gary Vee for example, spreading the same message repeatedly gets old pretty quickly, both for you the creator and also for the reader/viewer/listener.

Don’t be afraid to switch things up with your content creation, after all, what’s the worst that can happen? It doesn’t quite go to plan.

At least you can always fall back on what you know until you come up with another innovative way to entertain your fans.


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