Solved: “I can’t stick to my workout resolutions.”

Sean Kernan
Nov 3, 2019 · 3 min read

Troubleshooting Gym Abandonment 1.0

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Error: I start skipping workouts and then skipping turns into quitting.

When making a workout schedule, set a realistic timeline: 6 days a week will be too aggressive, likely resulting in burnout.

Additionally, do not push the body excessively on initial workouts, some users will find they have intense soreness as a result, which may lead to feelings of dread and doom at the prospect of returning to said gym. And difficulty getting into one's car.

After setting a schedule, scheduled workouts must be treated as sacred.

Slipping from said schedule, particularly within the first 2 months, will result in the snowball skipping effect.

Treat missing one workout the same as missing all. Skipping equals quitting.

Application of a zero-sum mentality in the early stages of workout schedule is highly effective at reducing odds of commitment termination.

Error: I can’t motivate myself to get to the gym.

Users must notate, important not to focus on the difficulty of workout effort. Break stages down into smaller steps:

Focus on tying shoes. On getting in the car. On driving to the gym. On doing the first set, then second, and so on.

Minimize the outward view of the task at hand. Simplify everything down to incremental tasks to be completed.

User should remind self of (often hidden) desire not to join the hordes of people who quit their workout resolutions. Do not be a statistic.

Error: I don’t have time to workout.

This is typically a false positive, most users, including presidents, have time to workout. Review error to ensure it doesn’t stem from other errors.

If not prior review error source, ensure time is being organized correctly and efficiencies are being utilized.

Target gyms near home or on way home from work.

Error: I’m not getting results.

This is likely a source code error from the human desire for instant gratification.

Additionally, note that periods of weight gain are extremely common as body composition changes.

If still a known issue, review diet, look for incremental improvements that can be made. Do not initiate draconian starvation tactics. User will not experience lasting results. Tactic could result in permanent damage to hardware.

Error: I’m miserable while I workout.

Error could be due to users allocating excess attention to the pain of exercise rather than the goal of workout completion. Focusing on pain and exertion gives the power to quit suggestions. Minimize quit suggestions. Maximize goal importance.

Ensure proper music playlist is on. Or allocate attention to proper TV channel. Key directive — for the user to turn mind away from physical pain, to minimize the perceived mental fatigue of working out, to thereby reduce future barriers to workout completion.

Focus on the goal and emotional rewards: Remember the intensely pleasurable human feeling of hitting a daily goal, of avoiding abdominal expansion and subsequent guilt.

When on cardio machines user should — always — always — put a towel over the timer. And avoid looking at the clock at all costs. Turn up speed. Go. Stay

Error: I’m still miserable while I workout.

User should seek out group workout atmospheres. Look into a workout buddy who might go with you. Look into targeting race events, such as 5K, 10K, or even triathlons.

Ensure one celebrates properly with goal acquisition and has proper support from fellow end users.

There is no pain. There are only goals.

Additional Notes

User end goal should be to extend workout plan into a lifestyle. When resolution ascends to lifestyle, all perceived efforts become exponentially smaller, with same results.

Workout plan success is about discipline — not motivation. Motivation is secondary. Discipline is everything.

Perfect the art of doing things one does not feel like doing. And one shall succeed — often.


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