Steal My *1-Minute* Bullet Journalling Template if You’re a Busy Person

One notebook, one minute, and one pen to change your life

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In his habit tier list, Improvement Pill ranked bullet journalling #1 — even above working out, reading, and meditation.

This intrigued me enough to give it a solid shot. But I neither had the time nor the patience for clean page-long sections and bullets.

So I improvised — thanks to my template taking less than a minute to complete, it’s effortless to stay consistent.

As with any habit, consistency is king, and not even a week in, I can already see the results. As its creator, Ryder Carrol, describes it,

“It’s among the perfect ways to help you track the past, organize the present, and plan for the future.”

Regular bullet journaling will hyper-structure your days, sharpen your mind, tighten your focus, and murder distractions.

Then your productivity will soar to the skies.

Why Is Bullet Journalling so Damn Powerful?

Our brains are evidence-based machines — the heavier the favorable evidence for something, the deeper your conviction will be.

Why else do you think practice makes perfect and experience builds confidence?

This is also what powers affirmations — the repetition beefs up the evidence stack for the belief in question.

But journaling is even stronger — grabbing a pen and jotting something builds two-fold evidence:

  • The “effort” you put into actually doing the act.
  • The tangibility of the piece of paper with your handwritten words on it.

Doing this daily puts these benefits on steroids — the written words translate to thoughts, and positive thoughts become actions.

Actions then become habits — what is a good life but a string of good habits?

The First and Most Crucial Template

Thanks to the time and energy limitations of our mortal cages, we cannot do everything—if we try, we’ll achieve nothing.



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